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WEB TO: Domino Topple!

So Jimmy Gass and I came up with an idea for a movie today. I won't elaborate on it, but I can admit to you it's genius! It has car chases in it! Perhaps i've said too much. But wait until you see it before you judge. I predict this will be a really, really fun project. It has no working title yet.

Busy as all get out at work. Several cool projects in-house. I mean COOL projects that of course, I can't talk about until they're officially released. They are in the style of Area-51. You'll likie.

A relocation of residence is about to occur for Kungfukoi. ( read; Kim and I ). We're moving to Oak Cliff, into a dream house. I'll post more on that as it occurs. But wait until you see this house.


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