Dove's latest AI ad I worked on is getting noticed

AI Avatar 'J3FF' is born!

Year End Wrap Up ( AI Holiday Film )

Overdue Update: What's new?

A.I. Generated Stage Visuals for Blondie!

Violet: A Virtual Influencer Project

Happy Star Wars Day!

The One That Got Away : Pitch Edition

Chantix Production Design

Beyond Imagination: Digital Doubles

Beyond Imagination Panel!

The New M&Ms Cast get a Shout Out on Colbert!

Chantix "Camping" takes home a Lion!

Mascot gets a nice write up for M&Ms & Gogglebox

Chantix's "Camping" is awarded Bronze Lion at Cannes

New Virtual M&Ms in the wild.

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The Future of Creative Technology Online Cont...

The Future of Creative Technology Online Festival

MASCOT is at the Superbowl with M&Ms!

Oculus 2 Launch Trailer!

New work during the Pandemic for Apple Arcade.

An immersive film set for YouTube Influencers to promote LEGO’s Hidden Side

Mill Mascot Wins Marketing & Advertising: Creative Invention for Adweek's Project ISAAC Awards

Mascot Realtime for Lady GaGa's "Enigma"

Chantix "Slow Turkey"

Mascot: Climate Reality Project

HPE I.T. Monster LIVE! BTS

Mill Mascot wins Advanced Imaging Society Tech Award!

Seanna's Ocean Buddies is LIVE!

MASCOT's Realtime Characters for HPE Discover Conference

Epic shows off Mill Mascot Tech done in Unreal

Mill Mascot was presented at Epic's Enterprise Conference in Stockholm 2018

Mill Mascot was showcased at our Emerging Tech Showcase!

Wrote & Directed the Sponsor trailer for the Tribeca Film Festival!

Mill Mascot gets some Press in Cartoon Brew!!

The Real-Time Animation System is Live!

Origins - HULU