IPOD To: The Donnas -- Gold Metal
WEB To: Ninjai Chapter 11!

Things are moving forward on all fronts. I've been playing with importing Poser Models into XSI. Say what you want about Poser, but having a pretty decent unibody mesh, with about 300 shapes to customize the proportions,and phenomes isn't a bad deal. Espeically if you are getting the models professionally built by DAZ.

The Textures are pretty decent, and the geometry isn't layed out half bad. For BG characters, or Base Meshes they sure are a time saver. Espeically if you use pCharacterImport. and get them into XSI with UV's already layed out. Time-Saver.

We've been investigating Flash as a tool for Animation. With an upcoming animated project I hope to employ Flash as a tool for traditional animators to migrate to an all digital format. ( eliminating the need for scanning or shooting of pencil tests ) The Cintiq is the bridge to make that all happen. "Q" up at the office has already taken to the flash interface, and is already producing full rendered animations in a week!
All this prior to having gotten the Cintiq. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

That's all I got. And todays "Web To" is Ninjai Chapter 11. If you haven't seen 1-10 go see them now. If you have, then this is the LONG awaited next installment of The Little Ninjai.