IPOD To: Primal Scream -- Xtrmntr
WEB To: Esao Andrews

Aww, Snap! Looks like I'm here for yet another blog. This could be the start of a trend? We'll see. So here's my intention. I want to inspire others to want to inspire others. Does that make sense?

To do that, my idea is to share creative ideas from where ever I find them with whoever happens to care. Mixed with some good tunes, and I hope it'll turn someone on to something new!

Right now i'm infatuated with Shane Glines. He also hosts a really cool Artist Gallery, and Forum at Cartoon Retro. Between him and Genndy Tartakovsky, with some Mary Blair thrown in, and I'm somewhere when I want to be for the look of Invasion. So in my quest to define exactly what that means, I'll be sharing more visual brain food like these.