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So, that dinner to Outback I keep talking about... It was awesome. I'm not really impressed with the food in general. It's good don't get me wrong, but it's not worth all the hype I think my friends are into. Either way, it was a fun time among friends. Well, it turned out that the friends who invited us ( my wife and I ) to go to dinner, also invited Mike Knapp who was also in town. Mike Knapp is an illustrator, and is currently a creative at Blue Sky Studios. He has just finished up "Robots" and is moving on to Ice Age 2. He's a great guy, and an even better artists. Check out his stuff in the new "Art of Robots" book. I sure love to talk about Animation and Storytelling, and guess what, so does Mike. So we talked show for 4 hours! It was a treat! In the same weekend I got to chat with Jason Taylor, who is an animator at Blur, who just recently found out "Gopher Broke" was nominated for an Oscar! Congrats to Jason, and everyone at Blur.