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I'm Back! The Dominican Republic was awesome! Went on a drinking spree that would have made Nicholas Cage proud. ( Can you say Leaving La Ramona? ). I Got to hang out with my wife, my friends, and made some new ones.
The Dem Rep. is an awesome, and beautiful place and I recommend you go.

I was able to give you full coverage of the action. Seen here from above and below! Enjoy!

In other news, "Stranglehold" the project I've been Creative Directing for the last 12 weeks has finally came out! Check it! I'm really excited about the work that Janimation did. So go check it out and give me some feedback.

I'm just getting back into the swing of things... But i'm back now, and you should enjoy regular updates.
Until then, be sure to check out the Drawn! website. It's awesome.