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Well, due to a screwup, Kungfukoi.com was down since Saturday night. Ooops Me!
It's been resolved and measures have been taken to ensure it won't go down again. ( at least for the same reason! )

I've made my first posting to the "Everything Stupid" experiment. I'm going to really have to work at getting into the swing of things. Especially making time to draw daily!

So Kim's birthday is coming up this month, and we decided to get her a Jamis Mountain Bike.
It's a sweet ride if I don't say so for myself. It got me inspired to ride again, so I dusted off my Santa Cruz that hadn't been ridden since last season and headed to the trials. Of course as soon as I got out there 2 miles in, my saddle broke beyond repair. Walked back to the car, crestfallen. So later Kim and I went for a 11 mile cruise around the paved White Rock lake.
Next time I'll remember to bring the camera.

Somewhere on my body ( I'll leave that to your imagination ), I scored a pretty gnarly bruise from the saddle incident. I've never seen these colors on a bruise before.. So I had to share!!