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So with the launch of Everything Stupid comes a new wave of pressure that is self induced. My first big update is Monday and I haven't drawn a thing. Woo Hoo.. that's why I started this experiment to see if I can kick start my productivity!

Shawn Alan Peters came over last night with his new toy. At first I mocked him. Until I saw and heard it work. Check out the most awesome lightsaber replica ( read: toy ) I've ever seen.
From the makers over at: Master Replicas

( live video below -- 2 MB )

An update on the SCTV production gig. I finished up a "writers" package to send out to some prospective writers for the Pilot. I'm excited about the potential of getting some professional writers on board. SCTV is amped about moving forward, and it looks like we're going to produce the Trailer for the project at Janimation. That is to be seen, but we're in talks about that very thing. So hopefully by the end of this year we'll be shopping around a joint, SCTV, Janimation project created by Myself and Lee.