IPOD TO: Johnny Hammond
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So Friday, Janimation took the afternoon to play Whirleyball. It was in celebration of a co-worker's 30th birthday. Well if you haven't experienced Whirleyball then let me tell you.. it's a crazy far out idea. It starts with bumper-cars on an electric basketball court. Add in a dash of Jai-Lai scoops, whiffleball, and some basketball backboards with holes cut in it and you have the makings of an interesting time. Some will claim it takes skill, some will claim it takes stratagy and teamwork. I claim it should be an olympic sport! We drank, played, ate cake.. good times were had by all.

I rediscovered an old college friends site today. ithinkican dot com Toby Craig is a comic illustrator who's been publishing independently since 96! Pretty impressive. So go enjoy his work, and email him that I sent you! ;-)

DJ Jazzy Jeff announcing the play-by-play at Whirlyball! Whirly What!?!?!!!????