IPOD TO: Sparklehorse
WEB TO: Tadahiro Uesugi Illustration

If I can just talk a second about today's "WEB TO:" Recently, I've been talking to a friend about RSS feeds. What they are, how they are used.. etc. If you aren't sure what an RSS feed is, go ask Google. And since I have recently discovered Blogging in general, came exploration into the RSS feed. Supported by Firefox, RSS subscriptions are crazy cool user defined feeds! Well, the community of Blogging Illustrators, Cartoonists, and animators is amazingly lush! It's a huge resource for inspiration!
So I've been hoarding a bunch of my recent finds and posting them into my links page. Be sure to check them out! It's got me so charged up that I've got Jimmy on board with a new project.

The Idea is "Everything Stupid". Starting an E-zine, or a Creative Production Journal, is just another way of saying "self imposed deadline system". The idea is to start a "series" of creative thought in the form of art and follow it through to a pre-determined completion. The content can be anything determined by the artist. The whole goal is to simply produce art on a weekly bases. There will need to be some thread of unifying element between a "series". A "series" can be stopped and a new one can begin at anytime. The result will be an impressive body of work, organized in to a collection of "series" by various contributing artists.

So EXPLODE with creativity!!

Jimmy and I are going to post with our intentions to start the ball rolling. Then the plan is to have updates every Monday that are considered breakthroughs for the "series". These breakthroughs will be displayed and elaborated on by the artist if needed weekly.

It should be a fun exercise in creative thinking and practice. The later being what I addmittidly need to do. Practice my handskills.