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7 days later I finally post. Lame I know. It just means I have nothing going on to report. I guess that in itself can be considered good. The truth is I got a new game. Well a demo actually, Battlefield 2. Oh it's the shizzle if you are into it. I am. So in the meanwhile, here is something educational.

[Technical Mumbo-Jumbo Ahead]
I would like to share is a nugget of internet for you Shading freaks out there.
This result had been elusive to me because I wasn't thinking about what I actually needed to achieve. My problem for several months now was that I couldn't easily create HDR maps for use as reflections. Any experienced shader will tell you that controlling the reflections go a long frakin* way as to achieving realism. Well, with Mental Ray it's ashame not to utilize the 32 bit color space and that gives more range in the result. So the problem became, how can I make HDR maps on the fly? I knew there had to be a way to fake HDR so I could take any image I find off the web, and treat it, and get a result that worked for HDR casting. This guy presents a simple yet obvious solution that works amazing! I utilized it for a spot that showcased reflections. I was able to give some amazingly realistic results from standard imagry. No special photography was needed. It's not identical, but I challenge anyone to do thier own side by side, and the result is so impressive it convienced me. So now my resources for reflection control are up to my imagination. So enjoy this quick tute. It assumes that you understand the basis of shading in whatever package you are using. I was able to apply it in practice no problem. Enjoy.

*( Thanks Battlestar Gallatica for that one! )