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Well, some dumbass thought it might be a good idea to blow up London. In the process he took out 40 civilians on thier morning commute. It's sick and so far beyond my comprehension as to how this could ever be thought of as a good idea. Under ANY rationalization. I can't understand it.
Now in a backlash this will serve to stoke the fires of racisim against Islam by the angry simple minded. I bet your going to see some lame attempts at some misguided retaliation against Muslam innocents. When will we learn, violence is a vicious snake eating it's own tail. A vicious cycle doomed to consume itself. My heart and soul go out to those affected by these horrific blasts.

To talk about something more uplifting, I wanted to share something cool Janimation got in today. They took a few of the frames from Stranglehold and got them printed on some backlight velum, like a movie poster. Here it is illuminated in a light-box at full res. ( the photo is a little blurry - but you get the point ). Back lit Chow Yun Fat is a cool thing!


Anonymous said…
Can I buy this picture from anywhere? Anyone with information please contact me at wildcathitter@aol.com. thank you