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Cyber-Dump Part 1.
Yes, it's been a delayed posting. I guess when SO much is going on I get overwhelmed and just pass on the whole updating thing all together! Some fun stuff ahead so grab hold!

I would like to introduce my wife's new Blog called "Last Rage". She has learned how to Blog. ( fear! ) So of course she's totally addicted. Her current topic for "Last Rage" is to photoblog about our weekends. So currently, it looks like we party like rock stars! It's not for the weak of heart, so Grandmother, if you are reading this.. you might want to skip this particular link. ;-)

Next, my mother and her partner just released a line of designer furnature called "Family". She and Linda have created some really awesome custom designer furnature. And true to the name, "Family".. There is a, you guessed it, a "Jeffrey Chair". My mother loves me! So go check out her new line. I just can't wait to get some for the Rosemont!

So if you haven't already noticed, I had been trying to keep up with my weekly illustrations. But that became impossible due to schedule, and general lack of enough hours in a week. I have been finding time to continue on with the progression of Invasion however. So I've uploaded a quick animated style test to: the Invasion Production Journal. I hope you enjoy it.

So much more, but I'm weary. Check back soon for the next installment.