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So the holidays are barreling down on us. Shane Glines keeps reminding us that we only have 6 more shopping days until Christmas! My confession is, I haven't even started my shopping. What does that say about me?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and an awesome place to spend Thanksgiving!

On the visit we saw, Howler Monkeys, Giant beatles, sea turtles, free range iquannas, and about a million migrated birds! It's the Rain Forest, and as much of a tropical jungle as it gets.

They filmed "Jurassic Park" there, so if you have seen that movie then you know what I'm talking about. It really looks like that!

Lots of stuff I need to update the site with. I want to update the 2005 animation and still sections. I have tons of work that I just not have uploaded.

The reef section needs a major update. I have since moved the tank twice, and upgraded into a full 75 gallon. So look forward to those updates over the next few weeks while relaxing on the holiday break.

For now, go see Peter Jackson's "King Kong". It's spectacular.