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Alright, groovy things are in the works. Fist Invasion has what I would call the first draft of an Trailer. I've selected some tunes, and cut together something of a blueprint for a trailer. I'll have something to show for that in the next coming weeks. I'm working on a painting for a Background as I type this. I've been totally inspired by a student artist named Brandon. His influence weigh heavy on me as I paint my own BG's. Stay tuned for those!

Brando Blogo -- Brandon Scott's simply amazing!

Oh, I don't have a copy myself, but have seen it, Animation Magazine has a full page article on me! With a head-shot and everything! LOL! I'm talking all sorts of B.S. about Stranglehold, and how all the hard work was done by the artists! I just stood around and pointed. ;-)
I'll put a link and scan of the article as soon as I get my grubby little hands on it.

Finally, I picked up a pencil and actually drew today in the sketchbook between renders. I must say, all the drawing i've been doing for the storyboards really had a noticed improvement in my daily drawing. Way to go me! I guess I'll try to keep drawing and see if I can get comfortable with it again. I sure miss it. But it's a talent that will dull without use. Like muscle, it needs to be flexed and trained. Otherwise it goes soft. I'll post some sketchbook pages when I get around to it.

Otherwise, I leave you with this until next time:

Sculpture for Animated Films!