IPOD TO: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
WEB TO: The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

So last week was exciting! It turns out that four spots I directed at Janimation have been awarded Telly's this year! Three of them for UNC, and involved cool photo-projection FX, and one was a full on CG -animated Design spot for Sylvania! If you go to Janimation's site we have Sylvania on the front page!

I went ahead and put a clip of the FX for the "Fishing" UNC spot. It's still my favorite. The clip has been lifted from our Montogue so it's been sped up, and has some of the Montoque music still attached. Either way, you can see the basic FX. This spot was a locked off clip we had to purchase from Stock. We then sliced it all up into layers, built CG geometry, and re-projected it all back down onto the 3D scene. From there we were able to fly the camera any way we wanted. I love this effect! The Line and Text were just dropped into the 3D scene. You can see the entire spot at Janimation.com


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