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Kerry Tescher wrote me and asked if I would post a blurb about the 2006 Nicktoons Film Festival. The Nicktoons Film Festival is accepting animated shorts (up to 10 minutes in length), between now and May 31, 2006 for its annual competition. Shorts selected for the fest air on the Nicktoons channel during August and one will be selected to win a $10,000 Grand Prize. Judges include Seth MacFarlane of Family Guys fame. Any medium of animation is acceptable: flash, traditional cel, stop-motion or CG. For more info go to: www.nicktoonsnetwork.com/shows/animfest/. Frederator also has a blog for Nicktoons…it’s pretty active and fun: http://frederatorblogs.com/nicktoons.

I still have tons of updates that I just haven't sat down to upload here and on the news section.

A few things of note, Janimation just wrapped up another cool Game Trailer Directed by Greg Punchatz. I'll post more when it goes public, I think at E3! I worked on a rather daunting crowd shot, animating, lighting, and compositing well over 100 characters, some of which interact and fight! So look forward to that in the coming weeks.

I still have yet to post the article written about me in Animation Magazine. I'm pretty proud of it! I just need to scan it and upload it. If you must read it, go out and get this months edition!

Invasion has been idle while I've been working on the project for Janimation, but now I can get back and knock out a few more shots on the trailer. At least it's moving forward again!

Finally, I've sent out an Animated Series Bible to my people out in Hollywood, I've mentioned it before, but the project is gaining ground and will be hitting the streets in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted on the meetings and how they go as they get set up! The project is really getting some momentum, and for the first time since SCTV, I have a Show Runner, and Executive Producer who are whoring it out to them Hollywood types! I'll keep you posted!

One last thing! I've never had anything close to the devotion that Korinne Roesner has for anything! And I'm thankful that she focusus her devotion for the rest of her life to "Day Off The Dead!" She got Tattoo's inspired directly from our shortfilm's character designs! How cool is that!? Korinne is from France, lives in Strasbourg with her Bullterrier Tara, and is "DOTD's" #1 superfan! Check her out!