IPOD TO: Roundhouse Anthem!

Well, the last few weeks have been a maelstorm of activity. Lets see,...

The 24 hour film festival held in Dallas was awesome this year! I was fortunate enough to have connected with a whole new talent pool in Dallas. One that pulls inspiration from some really hilarious places! I love it. So a shout out to my boys at Brainfood. This unholy collaboration spawned something truley eerie. I bring you... THE FIST!

The movie contained on that site, is our entry in the 24 hour race. We called ourselves "Heavy Petting Zoo". Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Now we are "The Fist"!

Cover Story 2 - Vengence is afoot took home 2nd place in the "Hollywood" division! 2nd!

I think we tipped the 'sillyness' meter too far to the 'right' to acutally take home 1st. The film that did win 1st actually was executed very well, and held up to critique. Though, ours had more action, and more blood! Ours was the Summer Blockbuster to thier IFC matnee.
Either way, it was an honor to work with Chuck Norris!

During the race, we had a reporter from the "Dallas Business Journal" with us. She took notes and slept the whole time we were in Production for the video. Her article just published! It tells the whole account. So I don't have to! :-)

Finally, Moustache May comes to a close.


i mensah said…
LOL looks like y'all got your kicks on!!