IPOD TO: The Horrors "Sheena is a Parasite"
WEB TO: Dream of Doll "Superdolfie"

So went out and caught Scanner Darkly today. Linkletter's roto-film. I guess since I haven't read the book I'm missing a lot of key information. The film was hard to follow, and generally without a point. The roto-work really didn't anything at all for me other than establish a style. A style I felt could have been abandoned because it didn't raise the film up. Sorry Linkletter, I'm still a huge fan of "Dazed and Confused", and "Waking Life", but "A Scanner Darkly" really didn't leave me with any sort of satisfaction from viewing it. A huge amount of effort and money went into this film.. and for me, the end effect fell flat. The only saving grace for me was the cast. Keanu, Winona, Woody Harrilson, and Robert Downey Jr, are always a good ensemble, and entertaining to watch. So at least you can get your money's worth watching the brat pack.

However, the opening trailers had a great suprise! "The Science of Sleep" by Micheal Gondry looks promising! So keep your fingers crossed.