IPOD TO: Public Enemy
WEB TO: Retro Art from Plan 59

Well, as you may notice, Kungfukoi.com got an overhaul! I have pumped 1.21 jigawats of Web 2.0 goodness into this puppy! The future is here baby, and we're surfing in on the cusp!

I am celebrating a fresh look for the site, with something we can call... "Retro-Geek". Thinking back to the days of DOS, and Intellavision, when you had to use your imagination to play a video game.

So now, in a time where the Web has decided to reinvent itself and upping the version. I thought it appropriate to do the same with our little nest here. Only, with our reboot, we're going back to the roots! Before the days of Flash, and animated loading pages... There was simple. So KungFuKoi would like to celebrate those days with our latest facelift.

In all seriousness, the site is 100% dynamic XTML/CSS Web 2.0'd up! What that means to you, is that I now have the site entirely under my control... easily. So expect me to be tweaking on the design over the next week(s). I have the broad strokes in place, but as you might see, there still are alot of pages that need to be stripped of the old HTML code, and updated with the fancy CSS standard. So as I run across them, I'll conform them., add new content..etc. I have tons to upload.. now I should be able to do it easier. Enjoy!