WEB TO: Orville "Deadenbacher" By Digital Domain

Well, apparently if you are Chinese this week is pretty crazy nuts! China has announced that they have destroyed one of their own satellites as it flew 250 miles above one of their providences! This has countries up in arms, specifically the U.S. The assumption is that if China can target and destroy satellites in orbit, they would have a stake in the 'space' above their country which had, until recently been ruled by the U.S. and Russia. I find this escalation of technological and space warfare, awesome! I'm looking forward to all the new "Star Wars" like weapons in our near future!

But, if high tech Real Sci-Fi Rail Guns, and precision targeted ICBM's aren't your bag.. Perhaps you'd like to see the future of computer interfacing!?

And for something totally different, check out Demetri Martin, he's funny.