IPOD TO: Saul Williams - List of Demands
WEB TO: Ruairi Robinson ( 50% Gray Short Film Guy )

Well it's a new year! 2006 has been great, and went by like a flash! So now with a 'fresh start' for the NEW year, I look forward to what it will bring. ( ...more Invasion for sure! )

The wife and I got back from Costa Rica, that was awesome! A week long sitting at the beach is never a bad thing! It was our second trip in what has turned out to be an annual event!

The Holidays allowed me some down time with Battlefield 2142. ;-) Ok, so I wasn't productive these last couple of weeks, but that's changing!

Lastly, I have recently purchased the Dell 30" Ultrabright! I'll write up a review after I've been using it for a couple of weeks! Also coming is a Dual Xeon Quad Core and 1TB raid 0 system.
Yes I likes me hardware!!