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So I haven't posted in awhile. I have missed the opportunity to comment on the Boston Bomb scare, and for that I'm sorry. So I'll just have to let these guys tell you about it.

I also missed the opportunity to comment on the China Stock Crash. If any of you know me, you know how much I'm interested in China and it's evolving economy and international power!!

So what's got me on the blog tonight is the Premiere and Debut of my Animated Music Video! "I Want To Hold Your Hand". The 80's pop band, the Smithereens have released a Beatles cover album called "Meet the Smithereens"! Pat Dinizio, the lead singer, asked me if I could help him out with a video. So basing the concept on the album cover art, I put together this little piece for the band! ( High Res Version 43MB )

Well, the video is doing awesome, and getting all sorts of great comments! It's also apparently slated to go on VH1 Classics!! I'll post air dates when I learn of them.
In the meanwhile it's been released on, YouTube, Ifilm, and Vmix so far!!

So thank you Pat, and the Smithereens for the opportunity to get my first Video Directorial Debut!! Also, thanks for all the fans of the band who are giving out kudos!! I'm glad everyone is enjoying it. It was fun to do, and I look forward to doing more.


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