IPOD TO: Saul Williams
WEB TO: John K

FREEDOM!! I've recently left Janimation to try my luck as an independent artist! Kungfukoi.com has been rebuilt and the new reel is now online. So call me and throw money at me to work on your project!

I'll be working around the country, and from home. Doing Commercial, Feature, Motion Design, or basically anything I can get. ;-)

In between I'll try to get some time to work on my ongoing projects. We'll see how that goes.

So, John K, is bringing the heat with the online animation discussions. Whether you hate him, or love him, you have to give him credit for raising the standard for discussion on Animation.

Be sure to check out his blog and backlog of totally amazing articles! He's been talking about, and giving his opinion on things like: Writing for Animation, Animation Performance, Blocking for Animation, and Color in Animation. I don't always agree with him, but in general I respect him as a Cartoonist, and find often his thoughts valid. His points are well thought out, and he offers counter arguments, and explains in great detail why he believes the way he does. I really have been enjoying reading it. There just isn't any other open dialog about animation on the web that I've found, and I sure love me some animation talk.