IPHONE TO: The Orange Box

So it's been a crazy couple of months!!
Since my last post...

I have accepted a Staff Position at Psyop's Mass Market Division.
So that means the Wife and I packed up and moved to NYC.

We'll post images soon, of the whole experience. But I must say it's much different than Dallas!

I'm a CG Project
Lead up there, doing National Spots with Psyop flair! I'm loving it! They call the position "Technical Director" but I must say, It means Production Generalist. Do it all, do it fast, and do it awesome. ;-)

Working alongside some of the most amazingly talented guys in the industry! I'll have to gather up some of their work and share it.. it's crazy good.

I've started to pick up the basics to Python, and have already started to implement it into practice with XSI! Thanks to Bradley Gabe.
I never thought I'd see the day when I'd pick up scripting.. but I figure if I'm going to be labeled a Technical Director, I might want to at least know a little something technical. ;-)

So I must say, Psyop/Mass Market, is about the most inspiring and sweet bunch of talented folk I've ever run across. It's really bizarre to see such chaos spiraling around despite itself, and yet, some of the most elegant and well designed spots come out. I'm proud to start being apart of it!

With the PPL spot fresh on everyone's mind, I'm doing a more graphic version based on one of the Designers style frames.. With that, and (2) upcoming car commercials I should be into some really cool design stuff. I'll keep you posted.

The Invasion project has been on hiatus due to all the freelance, and relocation. ( ironically I had less time as a freelancer as I did as a staffer! ). But rest assured I will be completing the trailer! Hopefully by years end. I guess it totally depends on how busy I get with the before mentioned upcoming spots.

Well I hope to update more often with more updates. The blog might take a slight "what happened to me in NYC today..." angle for the next few posts, but I imagine that is normal for new transplants in the city. ;-)

More soon, I swear.


Dalton Webb said…
Yo, so you are in NYC now? It's a great town!

Anonymous said…
You posted this blog on my birthday. The actual day. Significant? Hell I don't know. Just thought it was cool you wrote about life-changing decisions on my birthday. :)
Anonymous said…

Yeah I love NYC!

Kimistry, yeah I actually plan all my life changing events around significant days of my friends.