IPHONE TO: Iphone 3G

So much to update. I have been neglectful, and am going to try to fix that.

So lets see... Digital Tutors says I'm a success story!

What the heck kind of face am I making there? Jeez oh Pete! I look like a stroke victim. I wonder why I thought that was a good press photo?

Here is the spot that we shot in New Zealand.

Feed does a brief Q&A about Travelers, the Rupert Sanders spot, shot by Chris Soos.

See the spot also here: Travelers Umbrella

Also seen on 'boards: Travelers yet again.

So MassMarket asked me to do this 'proof of concept' pitch... so I grabbed a KidRobot Dunny and this quick test was created!

Subway Super Dunny

As if that wasn't fun... it got picked up by the KidRobot's CEO's blog!!!

Super Dunny on KidRobot

Another fun item, Day Off the Dead was showcased by 3dWorld, as "The indie 50 3D World's 50 greatest independent animated 3D shorts: 1997 to 2007" and was released on a DVD with their magazine #102 issue! That's some kudos!

Thanks guys!!
However, the bar for best kudos is set extremly high with Kerry Tescher's tribute!.