MTVA Promo Now Online!

It's been a whirlwind couple of months. Last month I finished up the MTV gig, which was a really quick turnaround project. I think I had two weeks or so to turnkey the spot. They wanted the 2D style typically associated with After Effects. Check it out here, I'd love to hear what you think.

Since then I have gone back on contract with Psyop, who have always been great to work with!
I'm working on an international Psyop spot for Playstation, so you know that'll be some fun-eye-candy coming out soon. So keep the eyes open.

My contract with them is up May 23rd and am not booked beyond that at this time.

I'm going to be updating/re-doing the soon. I'm moving hosts, and using that as an excuse to update and redesign the site. The goal is make the entire site more dynamic so it's not such a chore to update it. I have so much content these days, it's hard to organize, update, and just keep interesting all the archival content. I want to keep it out of the way so it's not overwhelming, but still online, so that I can easily get at it. It looks like I'm going to be moving into a world of PHP, mySQL, and other acronyms that are boring and dry.

But hey, I'll have a jazzy new site worthy of being on ( insert your trendy design promotional blog here ).