Rebrand Under Construction

Remember back in the dawn of the internet when you would say a site is 'under construction'? It was how you would tell people that the site is being worked on and will be improved shortly. You don't really hear people saying that any longer. I wonder why.

Well, I'm bringing it back. At least for now. has moved off Speakeasy, where it has been hosted since the dawn of time. To Dreamhost. ( unlimited space, bandwith for your life, only $6/mo! )

The entire site, galleries, and misc content are temporarily down, as I build a dynamic and super cool back-end for the site that hopefully will make updates and re-designs easier in the future. So for now.. I am keeping my contact info, and reel up.. you know, for self promotional puposes.

However, I fully expect to have the new re-branding and site up in the next few weeks/months. The new site will also come with it some new features that I won't go into yet. However, I'm pretty excited about it!

In other news, I'm finishing up my current contract with Psyop and will fully available for bookings on the 22nd.
I've also broken down and aquired a Twitter account. So if you are so inclined.. follow me at: . I have started to peck around on it, and think that if I just use it for a work-related feed only, perhaps I'll be able to justify it. After all, I have a Facebook for the personal stuff right!? :-)


Gulzar said…

I dont think I need to say anything else... ;)

j.dates said…
Thanks for the Kudos!!

I just hit your blog, man you do some amazing stuff!! I love it!!
Gulzar said…
My blogger friend, brother in art...
I should say the same...coz we belong the mutual admiration society! ;)

Keep it up bro! You yourself is doing a splendid job man!

I will be back for more..surprise me more man!

j.dates said…

I love your designs, would you ever consider a collaborative venture?

Take a look at what I'm doing here:

I can show you more if it even tickles your fancy.

I'm stuck with a couple compositions and general design/layout of a few shots for the trailer. Would love to see what you think.

thanks again!
Unknown said…
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