It's Alive!! Alive!!

That's right!!  You can't stop it!  The Tentacle Project is coming!
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In fact, I have just received the very first alpha version of the Tentacle Project, and [ ] is in-fact powered by Tentacle currently!!  That's right, tentacle is up and running, and the driving force of the this site.   Stay tuned to for updates about what the Tentacle Project is, and why it's the most awesome web developers environment ever!!

In the last week, I've been working away on the Invasion Project, and have made a few updates over on the Invasion Blog.

Also, recently have aquired a 13"Macbook Pro, and am joining the ranks of nerds with mac's.  I got it for the development platform it offers for the iPhone and the Web.  Plus, it's time I learn Mac again... ( read: unix )

And Finally, I'm heading back to Texas for a couple weeks, to visit family, friends.  So if you are one of those and are reading this.  Call me, lets get together.  :-)   I've also started a personal blog for all the stupid stuff that didn't really fit on here.  Please follow me here: 
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