Hanging with the Froads!

“Brian Froud and Me"
Last Saturday, the Animazing Gallery in SoHo had an opening called "World of Froud". 

It featured Brian, his wife Wendy, and son Toby Froad, each an awesome and rather famous artists in their own rights.

Brian is one of the Concept artists for Labyrinth, and Dark Crystal, having worked very closely with Jim Henson.  Also created and illustrated the Pressed Faerie books.

His wife Wendy is a puppet creator, and fabricated Yoda, as well as the puppets for Labyrinth, and Dark Crystal.

Finally, Toby, is a puppetter, as well as the actual baby that David Bowie steals in Labyrinth.
“Gelfling Kira & Frizzgig”
Works of Wendy Froud