Friends don't let Friends Drink and Draw

So I was part of the 2nd installation of the 'chalkboard wall' at the Mill NY's office.  Tim Haldeen and I spent one evening in October drinking, telling jokes and drawing like afterschool kids in detention on the board.  I of course, brought Day Of The Dead to the mix, and Tim brought beasts and monsters of all sorts!  Here was the official press release about it.. and link at the bottom.

The spirit of Halloween inspired The Mill NY Design team's second iteration of the "Drawing Under the Influence" series. This month, Senior VFX Supervisor Jeffrey Dates and Creative Director Tim Haldeen joined forces to create a mashup of Mexican día de los muertos style and ghoulish monsters that resulted in an intricate display on the fourth floor chalk board. A time-lapse reveals the 2+ hours it took to complete the mural and also offers some insight into what didn't make the cut for the final piece.
"It was an interesting collaborated effort, as neither of us really had planned a layout or figured out what we were really going to do - we just attacked the chalkboard wildly and eventually stepped back to see what had happened," said Dates. "A few beers, a few shots, and a few more beers later the piece started to take shape. Collaborating is my preferred method of creative, so this was a fun project, especially doing it with Tim. However, I soon realized chalk and ladders are not my preferred medium."