A series of NFL spots for Direct TV

NFL Sunday Ticket -- "Landing" from J Dates on Vimeo.

NFL Sunday Ticket -- "Brunch" from J Dates on Vimeo.

The above are two out of the eight I supervised for the campaign. I'll look into getting the rest uploaded in the future.

The blurb goes:

Grey and MJZ's Matthijs Van Heijningen worked with The Mill on 'Landing,' the first spot in the 'Most Powerful Fan' campaign for DirecTV's new Sunday Ticket feature, which allows NFL fans to watch their favorite team no matter where they live.

The most powerful fan causes a bit of a fuss with the force of his devotion to the Philadelphia Eagles. With a mighty super-hero jump into his cul-de-sac, he lands with such strength that it causes a shockwave that kicks up grass, road, cars, and even the neighbor!

VFX Supervisor, Gavin Wellsman explains "From the start the creative team knew this project would be a great opportunity to push the CG capabilities and build an innovative pipeline for the ripple effect. "The VFX had to be larger than life, since the 'most powerful fan' affects his surroundings in quite a unique way. A wave that rippled through the lawn and driveway was created. The 3D artists set out to develop a method of creating the shock-wave effect prior to the commercial shoot."

VFX/CG Lead Jeff Dates expands "The pipeline that was created used Mill proprietary workflow to allow the artists to design, create, simulate and render over 25 million blades of grass, rocks and roots that made up the grass/sod alone, via a method that was able to be updated daily for creative feedback and art direction. " It is the behind-the-scenes R&D of the technical pipeline that really made the photo-real visual effects in 'Landing' possible.