Hot Pockets Snack Bites "Hunger Can't Kill My Game"

Gamers can have their VR with a side of cheese and meat in the newest Hot Pockets spot 'Hunger Can't Kill My Game' created by Publicis in collaboration with Mill+.

An entire captivating world was built from scratch for the gamers to exist in, designed and directed by Mill+ Directors Jeffrey Dates and Alex Maxwell. The concept was to create the look of a flashy, cinematic game trailer. The only thing that could snap these players out of their immersive experience are the freshly warmed Hot Pockets.

The Mill+ team animated the characters' movements within the game by hand, frame by frame. The main avatar's motions as he walks to the kitchen were carefully matched to live-action plates of the actor, ensuring the scene cut together smoothly. Original details such as a marauding robot were dreamt up by the artists, designed and fully realized within the game.

Hot Pockets snack bites give VR players an easy to eat snack, leaving their hands free for immersive adventures!

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All of this during a time when Cliff Bleszinski ( creator of Gears of War! )called out the silliness of the concept on Twitter!

So check out the project that Trolled the VR enthusiasts!

Hot Pocket Snack Bites "Hunger Can't Kill My Game" from J Dates on Vimeo.