Move Me

The Pop llama showcase was just one of the experiences for the Move.Me showcase.  The virtual puppet tech is something I've been working on for awhile now, and was thrilled to have it demo here.
In the coming days and months, I'll be unveiling more content and fun virtual puppet goodness.  Stay tuned.

 Move Me

Engadget's Editor In Chief, Christopher Trout- "Over the next two hours I watched semi-autonomous robots run in circles, randomly scribbling on large sheets of butcher paper; pulled the virtual puppet strings of a CGI llama that lip synced to Mariah Carey; watched as Reeps One, a world-famous dubstep beatboxer, created unique digital sculptures with the incredibly nuanced tones of his voice; and floated through a VR dreamscape using my breathing and brain waves to propel me upward.
And all of this before I'd finished my first cup of coffee."

This was the scene at The Mill's first big open studio exploring the connection between technology and humanity, titled Move Me.

Read and watch the full article here.