Overdue Update: What's new?

So as I poke around my website I realize that I haven't updated my NEWS in a long time.  The short of it is, I'm still here, and been busy busy.  All the A.I. doodles I've been playing with are on my Instagram if you're curious.

When I'm inspired and busy Directing projects for the Mill, I often forget to update the ongoings as they occur.  I will try to be better, if only so that I can keep a 'work log' of the time and place of the projects I'm having fun Directing.

So as I collect those and update with proper show and tells, what I can share is some fun studies I've been doing in the generative AI spaces.   Since we're going into Spooky Season I did a quick text-to-video study to just mark the occasion.

You can see more of the generative AI studies on my Youtube channel here