Monday, September 19, 2005

IPOD TO: Blackalicious - Make you Feel That Way
WEB TO: The Animation Podcast

I just finished up the first in a series of neat 3D Design spots for the University of North Carolina. I'll post it as soon as it's online. It's pretty fly! And the next two should be even cooler!

Work has been so emersive lately I haven't really been around enough to produce anything new for Invasion. I did however, manage to concept a short film for kids! I'll post more when I get some designs down on paper. I'm reluctant to post the working title until I have some imagery to show. So I won't! ;-)

In my fascination with "Animation Blogs" I found that Cartoon Brew is showing a few great ones here: Animation blogs. I love this renaissance of artistic voice. It's freakin' awesome!

I'll post some imagery soon I promise.

Monday, September 12, 2005

IPOD TO: Doug E Fresh @ Slick Rick -- The Show
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..So busy... ...Weight is hard to bear.... ... Must continue on...

So in my research for the "Chronicals of Oklahoma Shay" I was shown this photo of "Great Great Grandfather Mason". I expect I'll need to incorporate him into my current project!

I was able to hand the image off to Photoshop and it gave back the following restored image! You can see a before and after below. Ain't the "Restore Photo" button in Photoshop great!?