Friday, December 23, 2005

RSS Feed now online!
A quick note to say that Kungfukoi now has an RSS feed that is online and ready for syndication!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

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So the holidays are barreling down on us. Shane Glines keeps reminding us that we only have 6 more shopping days until Christmas! My confession is, I haven't even started my shopping. What does that say about me?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and an awesome place to spend Thanksgiving!

On the visit we saw, Howler Monkeys, Giant beatles, sea turtles, free range iquannas, and about a million migrated birds! It's the Rain Forest, and as much of a tropical jungle as it gets.

They filmed "Jurassic Park" there, so if you have seen that movie then you know what I'm talking about. It really looks like that!

Lots of stuff I need to update the site with. I want to update the 2005 animation and still sections. I have tons of work that I just not have uploaded.

The reef section needs a major update. I have since moved the tank twice, and upgraded into a full 75 gallon. So look forward to those updates over the next few weeks while relaxing on the holiday break.

For now, go see Peter Jackson's "King Kong". It's spectacular.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

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Ok, so I've been through a bunch away from the site for the last month or so. My last post was when? Oct. 8th! Jeeze. The wife and I ended up moving out of the Rosemont last month and into our very own, bought an paid for, home! I'll post pics as soon as I have more time. So moving twice in 6 months was a time consumer. Now with a little vacation this next week to Costa Rica, I should return for the new year 2006 fresh, and ready to produce.

LOTS in the works, and LOTS more to show. For now I leave with you some Facts you MUST see to believe.

Top 30 Facts about Chuck Norris For Real Yo.

See you in a week.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

IPOD TO: Dangerdoom -- The Mouse & The Mask
WEB TO: ( See Below )

I've managed to find two hours to rub together long enough to bring you a short weekend trip around the internet.

First I'd like to bring you Bill Presing's corner of the web. Bill is a storyboard artist at Pixar Animation. His previous animation work has been seen on WB Gotham Girls, Cartoon Networks's The Venture Brothers, Disney's Doug, PB&J Otter, and his work on the Rosie O'Donnel SHow opening sequence won him an Emmy. Bill's work has been a constant source of inspiration for me on Invasion.

Sam weber brings you: A great portfolio section
His stuff has turned up in the Dallas Observer a local alternative news publication.

I love the sketchbook section. It gives the impression of being loose, but actually is tight as hell. He seem to really get off on drawing lots of branches and individual strands of hair.

Cooky! But I still enjoy it!

Alright, now onto something totaly time consuming! Bibi's Box.
Now I know what you're thinking, but get your mind out of the gutter it's not that kind of blog! This is self described blog of "A curious girl blogging to share and enjoy!" The content is updated often and always inspiring. It's good nurishment for the creativly curious.

Alright, so you have investigated those sites, and still want more!? Well buckle your seatbelts and put your peepers on this! Them5 is going to rock your creative mind! Design, and Motion with a bunch of 3D projection to boot never looked so good. Plus, the web interface is cool as hell.

Ok, so now your inspired and ready to
grab your art supplies and start cranking! If you are like I am, you started drawing a Lion, after seeing the holy moly amazing wonderful CG Lion in this:

Chapter V of the Narnia video journal. The CG test of the Lion is the best thing in the entire chapter! Yes, that lion is CG!! Woozers!

So you'll need animation motion reference. And you'll want to look at these! We got the 2nd series at work, and they are great reference. The DVD interface is ill-thought-out, but the content is great! It's awesome reference for any movements you can think of.

But wait, there is more! For dessert I want to turn you onto: Arthur De! Great work and fun animation!

Now at posting this, Joel Trussell's site had Exceeded Bandwith. However, if you still can't get enough of the onslaught of creative coolness I've pitched at you check back when he gets the lights back on. It's on my list of awesome sites to show you. So it's gotta be good!

I hope you enjoyed your short trip through the internet with me. I'll post more soon.

Monday, September 19, 2005

IPOD TO: Blackalicious - Make you Feel That Way
WEB TO: The Animation Podcast

I just finished up the first in a series of neat 3D Design spots for the University of North Carolina. I'll post it as soon as it's online. It's pretty fly! And the next two should be even cooler!

Work has been so emersive lately I haven't really been around enough to produce anything new for Invasion. I did however, manage to concept a short film for kids! I'll post more when I get some designs down on paper. I'm reluctant to post the working title until I have some imagery to show. So I won't! ;-)

In my fascination with "Animation Blogs" I found that Cartoon Brew is showing a few great ones here: Animation blogs. I love this renaissance of artistic voice. It's freakin' awesome!

I'll post some imagery soon I promise.

Monday, September 12, 2005

IPOD TO: Doug E Fresh @ Slick Rick -- The Show
WEB TO: Fwak Grab Bag. "Subcuture Scrap blog: Ideas and Links"

..So busy... ...Weight is hard to bear.... ... Must continue on...

So in my research for the "Chronicals of Oklahoma Shay" I was shown this photo of "Great Great Grandfather Mason". I expect I'll need to incorporate him into my current project!

I was able to hand the image off to Photoshop and it gave back the following restored image! You can see a before and after below. Ain't the "Restore Photo" button in Photoshop great!?


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

IPOD TO: Nuk if you Buck
WEB TO: Bibi's blog

Cyber-Dump Part 1.
Yes, it's been a delayed posting. I guess when SO much is going on I get overwhelmed and just pass on the whole updating thing all together! Some fun stuff ahead so grab hold!

I would like to introduce my wife's new Blog called "Last Rage". She has learned how to Blog. ( fear! ) So of course she's totally addicted. Her current topic for "Last Rage" is to photoblog about our weekends. So currently, it looks like we party like rock stars! It's not for the weak of heart, so Grandmother, if you are reading this.. you might want to skip this particular link. ;-)

Next, my mother and her partner just released a line of designer furnature called "Family". She and Linda have created some really awesome custom designer furnature. And true to the name, "Family".. There is a, you guessed it, a "Jeffrey Chair". My mother loves me! So go check out her new line. I just can't wait to get some for the Rosemont!

So if you haven't already noticed, I had been trying to keep up with my weekly illustrations. But that became impossible due to schedule, and general lack of enough hours in a week. I have been finding time to continue on with the progression of Invasion however. So I've uploaded a quick animated style test to: the Invasion Production Journal. I hope you enjoy it.

So much more, but I'm weary. Check back soon for the next installment.

Monday, August 15, 2005

IPOD TO: Los Amigos Invisibles

Jim Hill has a great article about the upcoming Disney project "Rapunzel Unbraided". Directed by Glen Keane who was in attendance at the "Legacy of Disney Animation" segment out at Siggraph. The technology used to make the images is likened to the "Deep Canvas" technology used on Tarzan. Really exciting stuff!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

IPOD TO: Celso Pina "El rebelde del acordeon"
WEB TO: Chris Cunningham's "Rubber Johnny" ( Ultra Creepy!! )

Just got back from L.A. where Siggraph 2005 was held. I went out there for Janimation to research the latest and greatest in technologies across the board. While I was out there I managed to snap a few photo's off of the floor. See the fun here.

Spent alot of time getting to know the Softimage XSI group. It was the first time I got to put names to the faces. Really amazing stuff was announced for XSI. Most notabably: Face Robot.

Now I normally, don't geek-out on features, but this one has me pretty excited. It is a facial solver, that allows the animator to have controls for the face that behave correctly. The face keeps it's form and knows how the wrinkles should be, how the lips roll over the teeth. All automatically. So then the animator only has to animate, without fear. You can still make your blendshapes for your targets. But now, they behave organically, and don't solve lineraly. ( a problem with traditional blendshapes. ) Check out the videos to see what I mean.

Other things of note. The 32 bit display. Oh it's beautiful! HDR displays are here! ( well for $50k )

During the event, I was lucky enough to attend the Studio Ghimbli demonstration where Mitsunori Kataama, CGI Director at Studio Ghibli spoke on how they utilize the toon renderer on thier projects. These are the artists who did "Spirited Away", and "Howl's Moving Castle" to name just two. Here is a brief of what was discussed. Oh it's awesome!

Overall the conference was great. Got to see a lot of friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Made alot of new friends, and got inspired about new techniques and ideas. One thing I can say for Siggraph, it's nice to get out of the office, surround yourself with thousands of other like minded artists, and to generally think outside of the box. I would like to think I live outside the box, but if that's the case, then Siggraph, allows you to think outside the room the box is in. Very inspirational, forward thinking stuff.

Monday, July 11, 2005

IPOD TO: Train Montage - The Wild Bunch
Gorillaz - Dare video

Well this weekend was pretty eventful! "A Bunch of Short Guys" put on the 4th annual Industry Giants event. The event had a master class by Bobby Beck of Animation Mentor, which was an all day lecture class on "performance in your animation". Bobby's class was a great little affirmation session on how to approach animation. He's an entertaining speaker, and is passionate about animation, to say the least. It was nice to listen to him, and find myself nodding in agreement the whole time. Everything he covered was right on point as far as I was concerned. Lango says it perfectly, "There is no magic bullet". Animation is hard work, and rework, and rework. Nothing magical.. Just good old hard work and analysis.

The next day was full of keynote speakers in the industry. Chris Olivia the #1 guy over at Troublemaker Studios was one of the speakers of the day. I got more out of talking with him then anyone else on the panel. He's from Texas, and is forced to work as a Generalist for Robert Rodriguez. ( RobRod ). I can relate to his pain, and effort. Working under RobRob cannot be the easy on the constitution of the artist that I can tell you from personal experience. However, doing it for the last 5 years gives Chris this "baked" and "burnt" look. Poor fella. However, he has a huge amount of influence over RobRod's FX shots.. And since that's what RobRod has been making lately, it's a testimate to how creative Chris is. His previsualizations on movies like Sin City, or Spy Kids 1,2, or 3 were more often than not, followed literally. That shows the amount of trust RobRod has in Chris and his work.

Another power hitter was Rita Street. She was the Exec Editor for Animation Magazine for the last few years.. But now she's producing animated TV. She is well connected, and really understands what it takes to produce animation, and all that that implies. She rocked! I was like a little schoolboy talking with her. Picking her brain and finding out every tidbit of information I could harvest about selling and marketing animation of all sorts.

After the panel, the short guys treated everyone to drinks at a local pub. So hanging out with all these "industry giants" and really getting inside their head was a wonderful treat. I walked away with some new friends that day...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

IPOD TO: Hoops -- The Chemical Brothers
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Well, some dumbass thought it might be a good idea to blow up London. In the process he took out 40 civilians on thier morning commute. It's sick and so far beyond my comprehension as to how this could ever be thought of as a good idea. Under ANY rationalization. I can't understand it.
Now in a backlash this will serve to stoke the fires of racisim against Islam by the angry simple minded. I bet your going to see some lame attempts at some misguided retaliation against Muslam innocents. When will we learn, violence is a vicious snake eating it's own tail. A vicious cycle doomed to consume itself. My heart and soul go out to those affected by these horrific blasts.

To talk about something more uplifting, I wanted to share something cool Janimation got in today. They took a few of the frames from Stranglehold and got them printed on some backlight velum, like a movie poster. Here it is illuminated in a light-box at full res. ( the photo is a little blurry - but you get the point ). Back lit Chow Yun Fat is a cool thing!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

IPOD TO: Broken Social Scene
WEB TO: Ping Pong Remix!!

4th of July weekend came and went, and I still have all my fingers and toes!!

Saw "War of the Worlds" this weekend. Pretty good Summer Blockbuster. Oh it's not the film I would have made.. But It's still very entertaining, and visually spectacular! I mean, Giant Alien Tripods!? Gotta love it! I would even say that it's better then Minority Report, AND A.I. So go check it, as I know you will. ;-)

Spent the weekend drawing, and bike riding. I posted a few of the drawings over at Everything Stupid. Mostly Invasion Character concepts for Oklahoma Shay. I also subscribed to the Illustration Friday, and this weeks topic is "Sport". I've been completly stumped on what to do... Since it's due friday I have to really get started! Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

IPOD TO: Morcheeba
WEB TO: Bolt City

Recently, with the start of Everything Stupid, I have been looking for similar projects, when I came across -- Illustration Friday. This is a weekly illustration club, where topics are posted, and every friday, illustrators from all grades post thier work based on the topic. Sounds like a hellof alot of fun so I have signed up, and will share my weekly updates here. I look forward to attempting that.

Nothing significant to share, so I'll leave you with a bit of zen. Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for some Cute Things.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

IPOD TO: Ben Kweller
WEB TO: The Digital Pencil

I made it out to see "Batman Begins" and "Howl's Moving Castle" this weekend. It seems like everyone is in love with the Batman movie except me. I am really tired of Comic Book movies in general and this is no exception. It IS the best Batman of the franchise thanks to the director. if you like realisim in your comic book flick, then you'll enjoy this. It's the complete opposite of Tim Burton's vision. I guess my problem is, no matter which way the mythology is told, it's still just Batman. The movie is a sensational summer blockbuster, and all that that implies.

"Howl's Moving Castle" on the otherhand was amazing! It never seizes to amaze me how fanciful and whimiscal Miyzaki's worlds are. This one is no different. Wizards, Witches, and Steam Powered technology! Gotta love it.

So I wanted to show you the Grapevine trail at one of the many scenic overlooks. This is the only shot I got because I forgot to bring the camera on the ride. So I rode back with it, and this is about 1/4 mile in from the trailhead. But there are several photo opportunites along the trail.
I'll try to snap some more shots of the trails we've been riding. If you didn't know any better, you woudn't know it was Dallas.

Monday, June 20, 2005

IPOD TO: Thievery Corporation
WEB TO: Mike Manley Blogs

7 days later I finally post. Lame I know. It just means I have nothing going on to report. I guess that in itself can be considered good. The truth is I got a new game. Well a demo actually, Battlefield 2. Oh it's the shizzle if you are into it. I am. So in the meanwhile, here is something educational.

[Technical Mumbo-Jumbo Ahead]
I would like to share is a nugget of internet for you Shading freaks out there.
This result had been elusive to me because I wasn't thinking about what I actually needed to achieve. My problem for several months now was that I couldn't easily create HDR maps for use as reflections. Any experienced shader will tell you that controlling the reflections go a long frakin* way as to achieving realism. Well, with Mental Ray it's ashame not to utilize the 32 bit color space and that gives more range in the result. So the problem became, how can I make HDR maps on the fly? I knew there had to be a way to fake HDR so I could take any image I find off the web, and treat it, and get a result that worked for HDR casting. This guy presents a simple yet obvious solution that works amazing! I utilized it for a spot that showcased reflections. I was able to give some amazingly realistic results from standard imagry. No special photography was needed. It's not identical, but I challenge anyone to do thier own side by side, and the result is so impressive it convienced me. So now my resources for reflection control are up to my imagination. So enjoy this quick tute. It assumes that you understand the basis of shading in whatever package you are using. I was able to apply it in practice no problem. Enjoy.

*( Thanks Battlestar Gallatica for that one! )

Monday, June 13, 2005

IPOD TO: Cars Trucks Buses - Phish
WEB TO: Tirade

Well, due to a screwup, was down since Saturday night. Ooops Me!
It's been resolved and measures have been taken to ensure it won't go down again. ( at least for the same reason! )

I've made my first posting to the "Everything Stupid" experiment. I'm going to really have to work at getting into the swing of things. Especially making time to draw daily!

So Kim's birthday is coming up this month, and we decided to get her a Jamis Mountain Bike.
It's a sweet ride if I don't say so for myself. It got me inspired to ride again, so I dusted off my Santa Cruz that hadn't been ridden since last season and headed to the trials. Of course as soon as I got out there 2 miles in, my saddle broke beyond repair. Walked back to the car, crestfallen. So later Kim and I went for a 11 mile cruise around the paved White Rock lake.
Next time I'll remember to bring the camera.

Somewhere on my body ( I'll leave that to your imagination ), I scored a pretty gnarly bruise from the saddle incident. I've never seen these colors on a bruise before.. So I had to share!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

IPOD TO: I froze my iPod
WEB TO: Directors Collection Vol #2

So with the launch of Everything Stupid comes a new wave of pressure that is self induced. My first big update is Monday and I haven't drawn a thing. Woo Hoo.. that's why I started this experiment to see if I can kick start my productivity!

Shawn Alan Peters came over last night with his new toy. At first I mocked him. Until I saw and heard it work. Check out the most awesome lightsaber replica ( read: toy ) I've ever seen.
From the makers over at: Master Replicas

( live video below -- 2 MB )

An update on the SCTV production gig. I finished up a "writers" package to send out to some prospective writers for the Pilot. I'm excited about the potential of getting some professional writers on board. SCTV is amped about moving forward, and it looks like we're going to produce the Trailer for the project at Janimation. That is to be seen, but we're in talks about that very thing. So hopefully by the end of this year we'll be shopping around a joint, SCTV, Janimation project created by Myself and Lee.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

IPOD TO: Sparklehorse
WEB TO: Tadahiro Uesugi Illustration

If I can just talk a second about today's "WEB TO:" Recently, I've been talking to a friend about RSS feeds. What they are, how they are used.. etc. If you aren't sure what an RSS feed is, go ask Google. And since I have recently discovered Blogging in general, came exploration into the RSS feed. Supported by Firefox, RSS subscriptions are crazy cool user defined feeds! Well, the community of Blogging Illustrators, Cartoonists, and animators is amazingly lush! It's a huge resource for inspiration!
So I've been hoarding a bunch of my recent finds and posting them into my links page. Be sure to check them out! It's got me so charged up that I've got Jimmy on board with a new project.

The Idea is "Everything Stupid". Starting an E-zine, or a Creative Production Journal, is just another way of saying "self imposed deadline system". The idea is to start a "series" of creative thought in the form of art and follow it through to a pre-determined completion. The content can be anything determined by the artist. The whole goal is to simply produce art on a weekly bases. There will need to be some thread of unifying element between a "series". A "series" can be stopped and a new one can begin at anytime. The result will be an impressive body of work, organized in to a collection of "series" by various contributing artists.

So EXPLODE with creativity!!

Jimmy and I are going to post with our intentions to start the ball rolling. Then the plan is to have updates every Monday that are considered breakthroughs for the "series". These breakthroughs will be displayed and elaborated on by the artist if needed weekly.

It should be a fun exercise in creative thinking and practice. The later being what I addmittidly need to do. Practice my handskills.

Monday, June 06, 2005

IPOD TO: Johnny Hammond
WEB TO: Craig Harris' Frankenbulb

So Friday, Janimation took the afternoon to play Whirleyball. It was in celebration of a co-worker's 30th birthday. Well if you haven't experienced Whirleyball then let me tell you.. it's a crazy far out idea. It starts with bumper-cars on an electric basketball court. Add in a dash of Jai-Lai scoops, whiffleball, and some basketball backboards with holes cut in it and you have the makings of an interesting time. Some will claim it takes skill, some will claim it takes stratagy and teamwork. I claim it should be an olympic sport! We drank, played, ate cake.. good times were had by all.

I rediscovered an old college friends site today. ithinkican dot com Toby Craig is a comic illustrator who's been publishing independently since 96! Pretty impressive. So go enjoy his work, and email him that I sent you! ;-)

DJ Jazzy Jeff announcing the play-by-play at Whirlyball! Whirly What!?!?!!!????

Thursday, June 02, 2005

IPOD TO: Caribou - The Milk Of Human Kindness
WEB TO: Vintage Robot Porn

Well good news! Stranglehold was selected by the smart and wise people over at Gamespot as one of the top 10 best cinematic trailers at E3 this year! ( the largest E3 in history, mind you! )

So I've been on cloud 9 all day. So much so that I went ahead and updated the Animation Page with some new stuff, and re-linked the old stuff so it actually works! Yay me!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

IPOD TO: Le Tigre -- This Island
WEB TO: Aeon Flux Cinematic!!

In my ongoing effort to figure out the purpose of this Blog I wanted to share something I came across lately.

a chat with john kricfalusi.

John Kricfalusi has been of course a huge source of inspiration in my sick and twisted upcoming. The article appears to just be a log-file from an online chat. There are some interesting tidbits, but what struct me as really particular was his insistance that there are no modern cartoons worth watching. I was amazed to find someone of his bearth saying that there are no good cartoons anymore. I don't know if that was a generalization, or if he truly doesn't like contemporary cartoons. Perhaps in context of Nickalodian, Cartoon Network, I could tend to agree with him. But, to say that in general, seems obtuse. I mean, you have to give props to the artists at Noodle Soup who bring us Venture Bros. The "animation" per say isn't what I would call good ( think minimul ). But they make up for it with writing. From the creators of the Tick.
Then you have shows like Dextor's Lab, and Samurai Jack. The term 'Animation' is used losely when describing Genndy Tartakovsky projects. However, as a cartoon, his design, color and layout are some of the most cutting edge western animation art i've come across.
Then if we're talking Internationally, then I would have Mr. K. watch: Samurai Champloo. Some of the most forward thinking and well animated concepts I've seen out of an anime series. With it's "hip-hop" soundtrack, and Production I.G. sensibilities, it's hard to ignore the mad awesome animation style.
And to look at even newer talent, you have to look at an academic level. So I bring you Alex Woo. His Rex Stele won a student academy award. His motion is well thought out, and stylized in a way that is reminesent of Don Bluth. The color is inspired, as are the layout and designs.
To say that there isn't any good cartoons anymore is turning an eye to the hordes of inspired and new animators who ARE doing great work. Animate on!

Riding in Shawn's Car with my new Camera.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

IPOD TO: The Books
WEB TO: Mr T: Treat Your Mother Right

Memorial Day came and went. I would love to say I did something productive, but I can't. I managed to secure the couch for the full 3 days. So that being said I'm ready to jump back into it.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

IPOD TO: Cish Cash -- Basement Jaxx
WEB TO: Zen Reef -- Hawaii

So today I saw Blur's latest cinematic. I must say they really have a knack for creating cinematics that are beautifuly done in the big picture. Sure you can nit-pick flaws here and there. But you know what they say about folk in glass houses. :-)

I met some rather interesting Gentlemen today. Keith Lango, and Bryan Engram. Both really talented and nice fella's. Good folk. Keith is leaving ReelFX for DNA. *smirk*
I've been a fan of Lango's since I saw his first 10 second club entry. It was nice to see that he's an upstanding, fast-witted individual. I hope we can work together someday.

I almost forgot. I saw Star Wars Sunday night. Ya know, I love Star Wars as much as the next guy. I sure loved Star Wars better before Episode 1 came out. So now the "Revenge of the Sith" is out, and done we can sit back and look at everything in context. Even after reflection I find that "A New Hope" is still my favorite. I think because it introduces Han Solo. Say what you want, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 didn't have a character I cared about as much as Han Solo. "Revenge of the Sith" is a great finale to the entire saga. Lots of corn in the movie, but then that's what we've come to expect from Lucas these days. A full helping of corn. But Jar Jar looks beaten down in this one. He's so sad. You think it's because of the abuse by the masses over the years? You'll see what I mean when you watch it. Darth Vader finally appears. OMG he rolls on the scene like Frankenstien, then has a moment that will be doomed to infamy throughout history.
Nooooooo! I could also have done without the appearance of Chewbacca. It would have worked just as good with a generic Wookie. But that's just me. I'm funny that way. Again, Chewie is a Pirate Mechanic, not a General of the Wookie Army. Or so I thought.
Overall I like it. GO see it... it has light saber battles, and actual Wars in the Stars.

I'll leave you with a situation and thought. Have you ever found yourself sitting on the "throne" and you notice a little ant walking across your vast tile landscape?
Do you ever wonder what you look like to him??

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

IPOD TO: Hoochie Mama - 2 Live Crew
WEB TO: Drawn!

I'm Back! The Dominican Republic was awesome! Went on a drinking spree that would have made Nicholas Cage proud. ( Can you say Leaving La Ramona? ). I Got to hang out with my wife, my friends, and made some new ones.
The Dem Rep. is an awesome, and beautiful place and I recommend you go.

I was able to give you full coverage of the action. Seen here from above and below! Enjoy!

In other news, "Stranglehold" the project I've been Creative Directing for the last 12 weeks has finally came out! Check it! I'm really excited about the work that Janimation did. So go check it out and give me some feedback.

I'm just getting back into the swing of things... But i'm back now, and you should enjoy regular updates.
Until then, be sure to check out the Drawn! website. It's awesome.

Monday, May 09, 2005

IPOD TO: What It Was Will Never Again
WEB TO: Phil Vischer dot com

So, blogs interest me. There is a lot of pressure when you say "hey, check out my blog". I look at someone's like Keith Lango who has intellegent conversation about the Art of Animation. So with all the pressure to contribute to the community I wonder to myself, "what do I talk about?". Truthfully, I guess whatever I find interesting that day? Is that valid? Does anyone care? Do I care if anyone cares? All questions to be answered on this here blog you are reading. You sad poor soul. Go read Keith's.

This is the last week before I head out to Dominican Republic for vacation. So excuse me if i'm distracted. Speaking of that, I bought a new camera for the trip. The Cybershot T33. Oh I fully endorse this camera. If you don't know about it... do.
Although I only payed $399 at Best Buy. Dunno why RedNova's price is jacked up so high.

Over the weekend we hosted a wedding shower for a cowworker and all of Janimation turned out at the Rosemont for the event. Before our heels cooled from the all day event that lasted from 12 until 7ish. We went to Adrian Carmack's birthday party thrown at HIS house later that evening. Let me say his house is technically a Mansion. A Mansion on a hill. I would say it was the closest thing Dallas has seen to a real Hollywood-style 3-day binge drinking-rock 'n roll- style blowout. Needless to say we had fun. Perhaps it could be argued too much fun.

During the course of that Saturday, I witness the brutal slaughter of 3 seperate pinatas. Oh it was horribly tragic. Sometime during the evening with Carmack, he was given a sword and let loose on a poor defenseless Spongebob Squarepants pinata pictured here:

I'm sorry you had to see that.
I'll leave you now to pay your respects.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

WEB TO: Sin City

I'm Back! I guess since the last posting, i've been working on a project that premieres at E3. It turned out awesome! I'm really proud of it, and will be bringing you a peek at it as soon as I can.

So until that pops, I can say that I saw Sin City. -nice. Rob.Rod. does it again. Now i've worked on a Rob.Rod. production(s). I know how hard it is for the post team. I have to say my hat is off to them. Sin City turned out awesome. Very graphic, and that style lent to Rob.Rod.'s pipeline.

This summer is turning out to be a thunderstorm of work. Janimation has a few things lined up that should initiate a blip on the radar. So be ready for that to drop.

This guy who MC's a San Antonio radio show sent me a huge mix of music. The one I think you should check out is M.I.A Arular! Holy Cow. Nuff said.

on the 13th Kim and I are heading out to the Dominican Republic. Rest and Relaxation! Woot!

More soon!

Monday, March 28, 2005

IPOD TO: Zwan -- Mary Star Of The Sea
WEB TO: Google Maps

Fish: "I wonder when he's going to change the water?"
Other Fish: "WHY? We haven't finished the water he gave us!"

Saturday, March 26, 2005

IPOD TO: The State We're In
WEB TO: War of the Worlds

Ok, so it's been awhile since I last posted. However, the clan here have picked up and moved into a new 4200 square foot estate that will from this point on be referred to as "The Rosemont".
The spanish-style, 11 room, bohemoth of a house will be our new residence for all foreseeable futures. I'll post images as soon as I can get the hang of posting images to the Blog. ( this thing's UI is so awkward, that I seem to not really have a handle on layout or how to control it really. )

The Janimation project in production right now is so amazing, I can't wait to brag on it. It'll be released at the end of May.. ( debut at E3! ) ;-)

The clan is also slated for a trip to the Dominican Republic.. so I'm in the market for a new camera. I'll keep you posted when that goes down.

Personal projects, such as Invasion have been in hiatus while I've been focusing on the Move, and Directing the gig at Janimation. I'll be able to sit down and really work on it here more off and on now that I have my computer plugged in! Dead Tonight is ongoing the Pilot script writing process.. so we should have something on that here in the next month. Seems April is a busy month for everyone. Busy Busy.

So that's it for a brief update. I'll elaborate more as I should be posting more regularly now.
In the meanwhile, here is my first attempt to post an image on this thing.
Kim and I at the Dam Short Film Fest in Boulder City.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

IPOD TO: Missy Elliott - Under Construction
WEB TO: Domino Topple!

So Jimmy Gass and I came up with an idea for a movie today. I won't elaborate on it, but I can admit to you it's genius! It has car chases in it! Perhaps i've said too much. But wait until you see it before you judge. I predict this will be a really, really fun project. It has no working title yet.

Busy as all get out at work. Several cool projects in-house. I mean COOL projects that of course, I can't talk about until they're officially released. They are in the style of Area-51. You'll likie.

A relocation of residence is about to occur for Kungfukoi. ( read; Kim and I ). We're moving to Oak Cliff, into a dream house. I'll post more on that as it occurs. But wait until you see this house.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

IPOD TO: Madvillain - Madvillainy
WEB TO: Rex Steele - Nazi Smasher!

It is becoming more and more apparent to me that you make your own destiny. It may sound silly with a hint of cliche', but it's true. I think that when all things are observed, the correct path, or path of the best outcome, becomes obvious. It might seem like common sense, but it never seizes to amaze me how much of the population is oblivious to this fact. Many will even try to resist, and fight you as you forge ahead. The best defense is to power up, stay grounded, cycle your chi, and find time to recharge. In the end, a well grounded assault on destiny will defeat the weak paper tigers of the resistance. Positive visualization is real. I think it's humanity's connection to the universe. That's all I got on that.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

IPOD TO: Fu Manchu - California Crossing
WEB TO: Ong Bak Trailer

Went and saw Ong Bak last night. If you are into Martial Art Movies... then you have got to see Ong Bak. The star Tony Jaa, is going to be the next Jacki Chan or Bruce Lee.
In other news, i broke down and update the site one more time. Lots of things in links, and the misc section is now back open. A little classier now. I hope to get some time this weekend to sit down with Invasion. but being that it is "Valentine's" weekend, I am not hopeful. I have a couple of AWESOME projects going on that I cannot talk about yet. So keep checking back.. I anticipate a big press release for one of projects in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

IPOD TO: Judgement Night
WEB TO: All SuperBowl Commercials

This last weekend has been interesting. I went out to the DAMN SHORT FILM FEST and gave a seminar on "Short Film Animation". This was the first year for the fest, and had an impressive turnout! The seminar went great I was told! I got to meet lots of great Filmmakers and watch a host of suprisingly impressive shorts! Both animated and Live action! I had a blast, and look forward to returning where we'll be able to spend more time sight seeing... and VEGAS!!

I'm hoping to update the site here soon with some new content. I need to go ahead and remove the AWN link, since it's from 1998! I think whoever was in charge of that has died off, or lost interest. I also want to post some new Future Girl animation. I've been reworking her, and can't wait to show off the new stuff.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

IPOD TO: Upgrade to 4.7.1
WEB TO: Good Omens

So, that dinner to Outback I keep talking about... It was awesome. I'm not really impressed with the food in general. It's good don't get me wrong, but it's not worth all the hype I think my friends are into. Either way, it was a fun time among friends. Well, it turned out that the friends who invited us ( my wife and I ) to go to dinner, also invited Mike Knapp who was also in town. Mike Knapp is an illustrator, and is currently a creative at Blue Sky Studios. He has just finished up "Robots" and is moving on to Ice Age 2. He's a great guy, and an even better artists. Check out his stuff in the new "Art of Robots" book. I sure love to talk about Animation and Storytelling, and guess what, so does Mike. So we talked show for 4 hours! It was a treat! In the same weekend I got to chat with Jason Taylor, who is an animator at Blur, who just recently found out "Gopher Broke" was nominated for an Oscar! Congrats to Jason, and everyone at Blur.

Friday, January 28, 2005

IPOD TO: Paperboy -- The Nine Yards
Web To: Poplockin

So it turned out Outback was tonight, not last night. Either way, Outback! It's Friday, and i'm about to downshift for the weekend. I want to direct your friday attention to today's link. Holy cow I was on the floor. (o.k. not really, but it's quiet fun
). Enjoy

Thursday, January 27, 2005

IPOD To: Boards of Canada
Web To: Hidden Humor of Iconographic Instructions

I updated the links section and it should be updated more frequently.
It's outback steakhouse for dinner tonight! Awww yeah!
More later,

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

IPOD To: The Donnas -- Gold Metal
WEB To: Ninjai Chapter 11!

Things are moving forward on all fronts. I've been playing with importing Poser Models into XSI. Say what you want about Poser, but having a pretty decent unibody mesh, with about 300 shapes to customize the proportions,and phenomes isn't a bad deal. Espeically if you are getting the models professionally built by DAZ.

The Textures are pretty decent, and the geometry isn't layed out half bad. For BG characters, or Base Meshes they sure are a time saver. Espeically if you use pCharacterImport. and get them into XSI with UV's already layed out. Time-Saver.

We've been investigating Flash as a tool for Animation. With an upcoming animated project I hope to employ Flash as a tool for traditional animators to migrate to an all digital format. ( eliminating the need for scanning or shooting of pencil tests ) The Cintiq is the bridge to make that all happen. "Q" up at the office has already taken to the flash interface, and is already producing full rendered animations in a week!
All this prior to having gotten the Cintiq. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

That's all I got. And todays "Web To" is Ninjai Chapter 11. If you haven't seen 1-10 go see them now. If you have, then this is the LONG awaited next installment of The Little Ninjai.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hmm. I haven't quiet figured out how to control the Font size, and style with this damn blogger.
So please disregard the non-consistancies while I try to figure it out.

IPOD To: Handome Boy Modeling School -- White People
WEB To: Shadowfist

Back again. Three in a row.. I didn't think i'd get this far!

Picking over this site, I see lots of things that I need to "conform" and just plain update. Some of my upcoming chores will include, re-saving out every darn gallery image, and replacing the old 'blue" with something from the current pallet. I also want to organize and expand on the link section quiet a bit. I have a collection of really neat and inspiring links, (as i'm sure we all do ) and I really want to catalogue and show the link collection I have thus far.

Thinking aloud. Catagories I will need are:
Artists :: Here is where i'll put independent artists' websites. Friends, Collegues, and Masters.
Filmmakers :: Links to inspire, and education those looking to become actual filmmakers!
Animation :: Well, I'd have to go with, anything specific to Animation
Reference :: Here is where i'll put things like , Texures, photo reference, anything that would be considered library.
Media :: Film, shorts, and artwork of all mediums will be collected here.
Gizmo Tech :: I'm a huge tech geek, so cool cuting edge technology and gadgets will be here.
CGI Tech :: Anything relating to CGI specific software, CGI tools, computers used for CGI production.. etc. ( CGI = Computer Generated Imagery )

So now that I have an actual record of what catagories, I should be able to whip something out pretty quick. So look forward to that.
Until next time,

Monday, January 24, 2005

IPOD To: Primal Scream -- Xtrmntr
WEB To: Esao Andrews

Aww, Snap! Looks like I'm here for yet another blog. This could be the start of a trend? We'll see. So here's my intention. I want to inspire others to want to inspire others. Does that make sense?

To do that, my idea is to share creative ideas from where ever I find them with whoever happens to care. Mixed with some good tunes, and I hope it'll turn someone on to something new!

Right now i'm infatuated with Shane Glines. He also hosts a really cool Artist Gallery, and Forum at Cartoon Retro. Between him and Genndy Tartakovsky, with some Mary Blair thrown in, and I'm somewhere when I want to be for the look of Invasion. So in my quest to define exactly what that means, I'll be sharing more visual brain food like these.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

IPOD To: GM Grimm As Superstar Jet Jaguar
So today I gave the website a facelift. Playing with a new palette, and just changing it up because I was getting bored with the old site. I've also started this blog. I'll be updating the blog with a more verbose news and updates relating to both professional and personal.

January marks the first month of a twelve-month development deal with SCTV! I obviously can't relate any of the details of the project, but the goal is a Day Off The Dead animated spin-off for air! We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with such veterans of comedy as The Second City. I'll go as far as to say, it's going to be absolutely hilarious!!

I guess that's all I got for my first blog. I'll attempt to update with stuff I find interesting, and turn you all onto things that really excite and inspire me.