Thursday, November 06, 2008

August 2008 Update

Day Off The Dead was included in 3D World Magazine's "50 greatest independent animated 3D shorts: 1997 to 2007!

Way to go guys!!

September Update

Send a message via Yahoo to eightgr

Studio Profile : MassMarket

Since June of 2004 MassMarket has grown in size and competes with the top VFX houses in NYC. While still maintaining a boutique vibe and sensibility, they have built a strong team which includes two additional Flame leads, Nick Tanner (formally from Smoke and Mirrors) and Jamie Scott (The Mill), an up and coming 2D artist Julian Ford (FIN design in Sydney) and a large 3D department lead by 3D leads Jake Slutsky and Jeff Dates.

Discover this studio and their famous spots with Justin Lane, Executive Producer at MassMarket : Click this Link

September 12th

Smith and Nephew from mate on Vimeo.

I pre-visualized this spot for Eben and Mate, that went onto become an FX masterpiece!
They did an awesome execution.. I'm proud to have been part of the project!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

IPHONE TO: spore creature creator

Almost forgot, Just finished up on this HP spot for Psyop.

I turnkey'd the final grand finale shot!!

HP: Maestro

Seen here on Motionographer

IPHONE TO: Iphone 3G

So much to update. I have been neglectful, and am going to try to fix that.

So lets see... Digital Tutors says I'm a success story!

What the heck kind of face am I making there? Jeez oh Pete! I look like a stroke victim. I wonder why I thought that was a good press photo?

Here is the spot that we shot in New Zealand.

Feed does a brief Q&A about Travelers, the Rupert Sanders spot, shot by Chris Soos.

See the spot also here: Travelers Umbrella

Also seen on 'boards: Travelers yet again.

So MassMarket asked me to do this 'proof of concept' pitch... so I grabbed a KidRobot Dunny and this quick test was created!

Subway Super Dunny

As if that wasn't fun... it got picked up by the KidRobot's CEO's blog!!!

Super Dunny on KidRobot

Another fun item, Day Off the Dead was showcased by 3dWorld, as "The indie 50 3D World's 50 greatest independent animated 3D shorts: 1997 to 2007" and was released on a DVD with their magazine #102 issue! That's some kudos!

Thanks guys!!
However, the bar for best kudos is set extremly high with Kerry Tescher's tribute!.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

IPhone To: Bjork's Wanderlust Video

So I have a lot to update in the coming post(s)!

For now, I wanted to show off a shot using my new Land Polaroid 100! My buddy gave it to me, and it works great! It took a few test shots to get used to how to predict the exposure
in lighting conditions, but I think I got it now.

This piece has been up at the gallery right next to my building for awhile now. Every morning on my way to work I can watch this beauty sleeping in. I have another pic of her after the snow storm. It's pretty crazy to see her with ice and snow on her. See it at my Facebook Gallery. ( yeah, I know.. facebook)

Work has been super busy, I've recently wrapped a few cool projects and will be posting them when I get some more time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

IPHONE TO: SXSW 2008 Band Sampler

So you wouldn't believe it. On my block, the same one with Mario, is this space invader!! This guy is about 14 feet in the air. Unmarked other than what is seen here.

I love that.

I've just returned from New Zealand from where I was on a Rupert Saunders shoot. It was for a Travelers insurance spot Mass Market is finishing. With Ruperts eye on it, it will be spectacular. DP - Chris Soos.

Chris is a great Photographer, and I was thrilled to be able to pick his brain for all things. I learned alot! Got tons of inspiration that I hope to nourish and harvest.

Rotorua; New Zealand.

I'll show some more details from the shoot after the spot gets released.

Sometimes next month.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

IPHONE TO: My second iPhone's new update!

So one of the best things about living in New York is the fact that art and culture is literally everywhere!

So on my very block there is like over 6 art galleries! Every month it's a new show in every window as we walk our dog. Pretty neat.

Well, one day we noticed Mario hopping out of your run-of-the-mill random pipe. Apparently, these guys are all over the city! It's nice to know that Mario frequents the neighborhood. Pretty cool.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

IPHONE TO: The Damn Store to Replace the one you lost.

Motionographer just posted the second spot I have worked on with Psyop.

I served as sequence lead artist on the black and white jungle sequence.

Check it out.. and enjoy