Thursday, November 02, 2006

IPOD TO: Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough
WEB TO: LDD Opening

We just got back from the Living Dead Doll show in NYC! Awesome Time! The opening was on Halloween evening during the NYC parade. Check out my pics of some of the pieces. from the show.

I'll post a construction journal as soon as I get some time!

We met a lot of awesome people and had a great time at the show! Everyone was so nice, and the pieces were awesome, I was just happy to participate! Thanks guys!

Also while in NYC we hooked up with our buddy Ryan Sias
who is the brainchild behind Silent Kimbly. Be sure to check that out! He's the bomb.

I plan on adding a "making of" section on my site soon for my doll and the experience! So look forward to that soon!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

IPOD TO: Peter, Bjorn and John

LDD Art Show

So this Halloween I was invited to participate in the first annual Living Dead Doll Art Show. I was one of a hundred artists that were given a blank doll and asked to do our worst!!

To see the show check out my flickr gallery of the show here.

So the opening was filled some amazing art and artists! Check em out!

I'm building a production journal for the entire process that I'll put up here as soon as I get some time.
In the meanwhile get a load of a sneak peak of the show below.
Also here is the website for the show: [ LDD Art Show ]

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

IPOD TO: Dining Rooms - Cinemaroma 2
WEB TO: Reef Keeping Made Easy

Well, it's official. They announced the Living Dead Dolls Art show!

I was asked to create a Doll for the show and I accepted!

They sent me a blank doll, and I can go to town on it doing whatever I want! I can't wait for you to see what I am doing.. Officially, I'm not supposed to show the doll before the show on Oct 31, Halloween! I'll keep "making-of" photos and share them with you after then.

Kim and I are planning to go to the opening in New York City! So I'm going to get my hat, buckle and boots ready!! Although, Kim is worried I'll look like an idiot! Ha, as if. ;-)

The official announcement is here: Living Dead Dolls Art Show!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

IPOD TO: The Horrors "Sheena is a Parasite"
WEB TO: Dream of Doll "Superdolfie"

So went out and caught Scanner Darkly today. Linkletter's roto-film. I guess since I haven't read the book I'm missing a lot of key information. The film was hard to follow, and generally without a point. The roto-work really didn't anything at all for me other than establish a style. A style I felt could have been abandoned because it didn't raise the film up. Sorry Linkletter, I'm still a huge fan of "Dazed and Confused", and "Waking Life", but "A Scanner Darkly" really didn't leave me with any sort of satisfaction from viewing it. A huge amount of effort and money went into this film.. and for me, the end effect fell flat. The only saving grace for me was the cast. Keanu, Winona, Woody Harrilson, and Robert Downey Jr, are always a good ensemble, and entertaining to watch. So at least you can get your money's worth watching the brat pack.

However, the opening trailers had a great suprise! "The Science of Sleep" by Micheal Gondry looks promising! So keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

IPOD TO: Disorder - Slayer & Ice -T
WEB TO: My Next Watch

Ok, so what you are looking at here to the left is an official phenomenon! I'm serious. Here they are! Straight from New Zealand, smuggled in with love to us here in Dallas Texas with care via Kiwi native, Abby Cutriss! Thanks lass!

So now the boys in Dallas have "short shorts" for "men". Yeah.. it's the genuine article alright. Real for goodness Stubbies. Look out for photos soon!

And if you are asking yourself, what is a Stubbie and how will it affect me!? Consider this:

Monday, July 03, 2006

IPOD TO: Public Enemy
WEB TO: Retro Art from Plan 59

Well, as you may notice, got an overhaul! I have pumped 1.21 jigawats of Web 2.0 goodness into this puppy! The future is here baby, and we're surfing in on the cusp!

I am celebrating a fresh look for the site, with something we can call... "Retro-Geek". Thinking back to the days of DOS, and Intellavision, when you had to use your imagination to play a video game.

So now, in a time where the Web has decided to reinvent itself and upping the version. I thought it appropriate to do the same with our little nest here. Only, with our reboot, we're going back to the roots! Before the days of Flash, and animated loading pages... There was simple. So KungFuKoi would like to celebrate those days with our latest facelift.

In all seriousness, the site is 100% dynamic XTML/CSS Web 2.0'd up! What that means to you, is that I now have the site entirely under my control... easily. So expect me to be tweaking on the design over the next week(s). I have the broad strokes in place, but as you might see, there still are alot of pages that need to be stripped of the old HTML code, and updated with the fancy CSS standard. So as I run across them, I'll conform them., add new content..etc. I have tons to upload.. now I should be able to do it easier. Enjoy!

Monday, June 19, 2006

IPOD TO: Close Your Robe
WEB TO: Heat Vision and Jack

Well, "The Fist" has been out and about and shot a music video for the "Dutch Treats"
I was one of the cinematagraphers for the project, and this is my edit.

In other news I had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Guild here in Dallas. I think they were extremely flattering to a point where I'm almost embarrassed to plug it. Don't laugh at me.

Guild Interviews Me Here.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

IPOD TO: Roundhouse Anthem!

Well, the last few weeks have been a maelstorm of activity. Lets see,...

The 24 hour film festival held in Dallas was awesome this year! I was fortunate enough to have connected with a whole new talent pool in Dallas. One that pulls inspiration from some really hilarious places! I love it. So a shout out to my boys at Brainfood. This unholy collaboration spawned something truley eerie. I bring you... THE FIST!

The movie contained on that site, is our entry in the 24 hour race. We called ourselves "Heavy Petting Zoo". Don't ask me why, I have no idea. Now we are "The Fist"!

Cover Story 2 - Vengence is afoot took home 2nd place in the "Hollywood" division! 2nd!

I think we tipped the 'sillyness' meter too far to the 'right' to acutally take home 1st. The film that did win 1st actually was executed very well, and held up to critique. Though, ours had more action, and more blood! Ours was the Summer Blockbuster to thier IFC matnee.
Either way, it was an honor to work with Chuck Norris!

During the race, we had a reporter from the "Dallas Business Journal" with us. She took notes and slept the whole time we were in Production for the video. Her article just published! It tells the whole account. So I don't have to! :-)

Finally, Moustache May comes to a close.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

IPOD TO: Gnarls Barkley
WEB TO: 24 Hour Video Race

I was lucky enough to participate in the 24 hour video race with the most amazing team of filmmakers ever!

Our Hollywood Team, called "Heavy Petting Zoo" has completed the 24 hour video race in only 23:33 hours!
The shortfilm that was produced, "Cover Story 2, Vengence is afoot", starring Chuck Norris, featuring his roundhouse kick, is expected to play to audiences delight! It runs at 4 minutes and 33 seconds, complete with it's own Bitchin' Theme Song!
So check in to
Monday to see when "Cover Story 2, Vengence is afoot" will screen this week.
All videos that met the midnight deadline will be screened at the Angelika Film Center before a panel of judges. Judging is tournament style, with all videos screened in 15 rounds, and top three contenders in each round advancing to the finals. Videos advancing to the finals will be judged on May 23rd and prizes and trophies awarded.
"Heavy Petting Zoo" hopes to see you out there!
( Chuck Norris will be in attendence! )

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

IPOD TO: Perfection by AMG
WEB TO: My My Space

Kerry Tescher wrote me and asked if I would post a blurb about the 2006 Nicktoons Film Festival. The Nicktoons Film Festival is accepting animated shorts (up to 10 minutes in length), between now and May 31, 2006 for its annual competition. Shorts selected for the fest air on the Nicktoons channel during August and one will be selected to win a $10,000 Grand Prize. Judges include Seth MacFarlane of Family Guys fame. Any medium of animation is acceptable: flash, traditional cel, stop-motion or CG. For more info go to: Frederator also has a blog for Nicktoons…it’s pretty active and fun:

I still have tons of updates that I just haven't sat down to upload here and on the news section.

A few things of note, Janimation just wrapped up another cool Game Trailer Directed by Greg Punchatz. I'll post more when it goes public, I think at E3! I worked on a rather daunting crowd shot, animating, lighting, and compositing well over 100 characters, some of which interact and fight! So look forward to that in the coming weeks.

I still have yet to post the article written about me in Animation Magazine. I'm pretty proud of it! I just need to scan it and upload it. If you must read it, go out and get this months edition!

Invasion has been idle while I've been working on the project for Janimation, but now I can get back and knock out a few more shots on the trailer. At least it's moving forward again!

Finally, I've sent out an Animated Series Bible to my people out in Hollywood, I've mentioned it before, but the project is gaining ground and will be hitting the streets in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted on the meetings and how they go as they get set up! The project is really getting some momentum, and for the first time since SCTV, I have a Show Runner, and Executive Producer who are whoring it out to them Hollywood types! I'll keep you posted!

One last thing! I've never had anything close to the devotion that Korinne Roesner has for anything! And I'm thankful that she focusus her devotion for the rest of her life to "Day Off The Dead!" She got Tattoo's inspired directly from our shortfilm's character designs! How cool is that!? Korinne is from France, lives in Strasbourg with her Bullterrier Tara, and is "DOTD's" #1 superfan! Check her out!

Monday, April 10, 2006

IPOD TO: Slim Cessna's Auto Club
WEB TO: Identifying Animators and Their Scenes

Well it's been awhile since I've been motivated to update this. I have several updates and need to focus long enough to get them up.

Last week A Bunch Of Short Guys and Janimation hosted Ray Harryhausen!! We brought him out during his book tour, so that Dallas fans could quiz him on what makes him so good! It was a blast!

He got a tour of Janimation, and we all got our few minutes with the man to say "hiya", and to bask in the glow of old-school-stop-motion genius!

Ray is still sharp minded, even at 86! Pretty amazing! He was touring his book, and showing a new film he produced along with his parnter. The film is done by a studio on the West Coast, and the name escapes me. It is basically an animated re-telling of Edger Allen Poe's "The Pit and the Pendelum". I enjoyed it because, well I know how hard it is to put something like that together. There was alot of dicussion of the subject matter. ( Poe ). Some of my collegues gave the short "thumbs down". I was rather suprised by the Negative tones they used. Considering all the folks who were "poo-pooing" the short, hadn't even made one themselves! Speaks of ignorance, and lack of respect. After all, to be a bit dramatic, None of us in the FX film biz would be here if it wasn't for the pioneering FX work of Ray. Not just animation, but Ray was the ILM of his time. It just so happened that he was mostly doing creatures. But I figured for the short, they were able to get it made, tell a story, and actualy finish it. Kudos! It was animated rather crudely by today's standards, when you compare it to such polished stop-motion wizards like Aardman, or Henrey Selick, but it was sure fun to watch!!

Ray and I!
( I'm the guy on the left! )

Janimation hopes to have more opportunities to bring more filmmakers down so we can pick thier brain! It was a great event, sold out and everything! Hope to see you at the next one.

One of the guys at the office, we'll call him "Greg", is a giggling school girl at the mere mention of Harryhausen. Ray is the reason our fictional character "Greg" even got into the FX biz at all. "Greg" also focusus on creature creation and design as well as bang on animation!
So it was fun to watch "Greg" all beside himself. I don't think he stopped smiling all day!

What I also found fun was seeing our "young guys" learn who the hell Ray even was. At Janimation, we have this one artist from Translyvania. Seriously, Translyvania. Young guy, EXTREMLY giften in all things art-production, and is budding into a 3D generalist! So this guy is pretty new to the industry and is cutting his gums on Janimation. On the day of Ray's visit, this kid blurts out in confusion, "Why did he bring a toy Skeleton?". Well, let me tell you, after the laughter settled down, this young 'slyvanian' got an education of ridicule. I think he still gets teased about that. He'll never live it down! Ha! So that goes to show you. Learn your damn animation history! If you don't know history, you'll be made fun of by those who do! Know your Art history, no matter what medium. Just for heaven's sake , know it.

Well, this may have been the last time Ray tours around like that. I hope this is never referred to as his 'farewell tour'. But either way, I was extremly thankful to meet the legend. Finally, my faith in animation was just confirmed by Ray. The most talented animators just work the hardest and longest and pour more of themselves into thier work. Just like anything, good work is usually is the result of painstaking hard work. Well that's all the Ray I hav e to share.

n the mean while, I'll leave you with a CU of one of Ray's actual armatures he brought with him! Pretty neat!!
( I was asked by Ray to "not count the ribs!" )

Monday, March 06, 2006

IPOD TO: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
WEB TO: The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

So last week was exciting! It turns out that four spots I directed at Janimation have been awarded Telly's this year! Three of them for UNC, and involved cool photo-projection FX, and one was a full on CG -animated Design spot for Sylvania! If you go to Janimation's site we have Sylvania on the front page!

I went ahead and put a clip of the FX for the "Fishing" UNC spot. It's still my favorite. The clip has been lifted from our Montogue so it's been sped up, and has some of the Montoque music still attached. Either way, you can see the basic FX. This spot was a locked off clip we had to purchase from Stock. We then sliced it all up into layers, built CG geometry, and re-projected it all back down onto the 3D scene. From there we were able to fly the camera any way we wanted. I love this effect! The Line and Text were just dropped into the 3D scene. You can see the entire spot at

Thursday, February 23, 2006

IPOD TO: Eighteenth Street Lounge - Balanco
WEB TO: John K's Blog

Alright, groovy things are in the works. Fist Invasion has what I would call the first draft of an Trailer. I've selected some tunes, and cut together something of a blueprint for a trailer. I'll have something to show for that in the next coming weeks. I'm working on a painting for a Background as I type this. I've been totally inspired by a student artist named Brandon. His influence weigh heavy on me as I paint my own BG's. Stay tuned for those!

Brando Blogo -- Brandon Scott's simply amazing!

Oh, I don't have a copy myself, but have seen it, Animation Magazine has a full page article on me! With a head-shot and everything! LOL! I'm talking all sorts of B.S. about Stranglehold, and how all the hard work was done by the artists! I just stood around and pointed. ;-)
I'll put a link and scan of the article as soon as I get my grubby little hands on it.

Finally, I picked up a pencil and actually drew today in the sketchbook between renders. I must say, all the drawing i've been doing for the storyboards really had a noticed improvement in my daily drawing. Way to go me! I guess I'll try to keep drawing and see if I can get comfortable with it again. I sure miss it. But it's a talent that will dull without use. Like muscle, it needs to be flexed and trained. Otherwise it goes soft. I'll post some sketchbook pages when I get around to it.

Otherwise, I leave you with this until next time:

Sculpture for Animated Films!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

IPOD TO: DangerDoom
WEB TO: Harry's Poster Page

Yeah, I've been pretty bad about updating this in the new year. I'll try to be better. ;-)

So the new links page is awesome! I'm able to dymanically update my links page on the fly while I surf!! Thank you! I have logged so many great artists and websites of wonder! Please swing by my link cluster and have a gander.

Today A&M Dallas's portfolio class invited me out to show off my goods and to chat about "why the hell anyone would want to get into production?" It's always fun to hear the questions asked like I have some great insite. *laugh* The only thing I could contribute was first-hand-experience. When the students learn that everyone is just making it up as they go, and are not guarding some 'hidden' knowledge that'll make it a straight shot to any profession.
Work is hard. Producing is harder. Promotion is the hardest. And guess what a student is doing right out of school. Not until experience is earned, and a badge of bitterness awarded can someone really graduate to a 'battle hardned production artist". Until then your fodder. ;-)

Now don't let any of that scare you students. It was encouraging to see such advanced work coming out of the school. It shows the students are using the software, and creating content!
Looks like some students are focusing on just executing with Maya, but I can see some budding filmmakers and designers in the ones I looked at. It's encouraging!

In other news, Invasion has undergone a serious storyboarding frenzy. Who knows, I'm expecting to have an animatic in the coming weeks. Got music, will edit them all together when I have time, and will post it on the site.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

IPOD TO: Pandora
WEB TO: wankr -- Web 2.0

The new year came and went. Immediately followed by a viral infection that knocked me out for 3 weeks and counting! This is the first time I've felt anywhere strong enough to sit at the computer!
However, I've updated the links section with a streaming link's page. Now it'll be the most updated part of this site! I collect inspiring links for artists, and myself really. I gather them daily and will log them here! Thanks to the power of! Artists enjoy!
I swear to have new images in the next coming week. My goal is to get something up from Stranglehold this weekend, and perhaps some actual drawings from the sketchbook!
Invasion is burning in my britches, so expect to see a teaser for that in the next month or so!
2006 is shaping up to be a bang-on productive year!