Friday, January 28, 2005

IPOD TO: Paperboy -- The Nine Yards
Web To: Poplockin

So it turned out Outback was tonight, not last night. Either way, Outback! It's Friday, and i'm about to downshift for the weekend. I want to direct your friday attention to today's link. Holy cow I was on the floor. (o.k. not really, but it's quiet fun
). Enjoy

Thursday, January 27, 2005

IPOD To: Boards of Canada
Web To: Hidden Humor of Iconographic Instructions

I updated the links section and it should be updated more frequently.
It's outback steakhouse for dinner tonight! Awww yeah!
More later,

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

IPOD To: The Donnas -- Gold Metal
WEB To: Ninjai Chapter 11!

Things are moving forward on all fronts. I've been playing with importing Poser Models into XSI. Say what you want about Poser, but having a pretty decent unibody mesh, with about 300 shapes to customize the proportions,and phenomes isn't a bad deal. Espeically if you are getting the models professionally built by DAZ.

The Textures are pretty decent, and the geometry isn't layed out half bad. For BG characters, or Base Meshes they sure are a time saver. Espeically if you use pCharacterImport. and get them into XSI with UV's already layed out. Time-Saver.

We've been investigating Flash as a tool for Animation. With an upcoming animated project I hope to employ Flash as a tool for traditional animators to migrate to an all digital format. ( eliminating the need for scanning or shooting of pencil tests ) The Cintiq is the bridge to make that all happen. "Q" up at the office has already taken to the flash interface, and is already producing full rendered animations in a week!
All this prior to having gotten the Cintiq. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

That's all I got. And todays "Web To" is Ninjai Chapter 11. If you haven't seen 1-10 go see them now. If you have, then this is the LONG awaited next installment of The Little Ninjai.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hmm. I haven't quiet figured out how to control the Font size, and style with this damn blogger.
So please disregard the non-consistancies while I try to figure it out.

IPOD To: Handome Boy Modeling School -- White People
WEB To: Shadowfist

Back again. Three in a row.. I didn't think i'd get this far!

Picking over this site, I see lots of things that I need to "conform" and just plain update. Some of my upcoming chores will include, re-saving out every darn gallery image, and replacing the old 'blue" with something from the current pallet. I also want to organize and expand on the link section quiet a bit. I have a collection of really neat and inspiring links, (as i'm sure we all do ) and I really want to catalogue and show the link collection I have thus far.

Thinking aloud. Catagories I will need are:
Artists :: Here is where i'll put independent artists' websites. Friends, Collegues, and Masters.
Filmmakers :: Links to inspire, and education those looking to become actual filmmakers!
Animation :: Well, I'd have to go with, anything specific to Animation
Reference :: Here is where i'll put things like , Texures, photo reference, anything that would be considered library.
Media :: Film, shorts, and artwork of all mediums will be collected here.
Gizmo Tech :: I'm a huge tech geek, so cool cuting edge technology and gadgets will be here.
CGI Tech :: Anything relating to CGI specific software, CGI tools, computers used for CGI production.. etc. ( CGI = Computer Generated Imagery )

So now that I have an actual record of what catagories, I should be able to whip something out pretty quick. So look forward to that.
Until next time,

Monday, January 24, 2005

IPOD To: Primal Scream -- Xtrmntr
WEB To: Esao Andrews

Aww, Snap! Looks like I'm here for yet another blog. This could be the start of a trend? We'll see. So here's my intention. I want to inspire others to want to inspire others. Does that make sense?

To do that, my idea is to share creative ideas from where ever I find them with whoever happens to care. Mixed with some good tunes, and I hope it'll turn someone on to something new!

Right now i'm infatuated with Shane Glines. He also hosts a really cool Artist Gallery, and Forum at Cartoon Retro. Between him and Genndy Tartakovsky, with some Mary Blair thrown in, and I'm somewhere when I want to be for the look of Invasion. So in my quest to define exactly what that means, I'll be sharing more visual brain food like these.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

IPOD To: GM Grimm As Superstar Jet Jaguar
So today I gave the website a facelift. Playing with a new palette, and just changing it up because I was getting bored with the old site. I've also started this blog. I'll be updating the blog with a more verbose news and updates relating to both professional and personal.

January marks the first month of a twelve-month development deal with SCTV! I obviously can't relate any of the details of the project, but the goal is a Day Off The Dead animated spin-off for air! We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with such veterans of comedy as The Second City. I'll go as far as to say, it's going to be absolutely hilarious!!

I guess that's all I got for my first blog. I'll attempt to update with stuff I find interesting, and turn you all onto things that really excite and inspire me.