Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Alright, groovy things are in the works. Fist Invasion has what I would call the first draft of an Trailer. I've selected some tunes, and cut together something of a blueprint for a trailer. I'll have something to show for that in the next coming weeks. I'm working on a painting for a Background as I type this. I've been totally inspired by a student artist named Brandon. His influence weigh heavy on me as I paint my own BG's. Stay tuned for those!

Brando Blogo -- Brandon Scott's simply amazing!

Oh, I don't have a copy myself, but have seen it, Animation Magazine has a full page article on me! With a head-shot and everything! LOL! I'm talking all sorts of B.S. about Stranglehold, and how all the hard work was done by the artists! I just stood around and pointed. ;-)
I'll put a link and scan of the article as soon as I get my grubby little hands on it.

Finally, I picked up a pencil and actually drew today in the sketchbook between renders. I must say, all the drawing i've been doing for the storyboards really had a noticed improvement in my daily drawing. Way to go me! I guess I'll try to keep drawing and see if I can get comfortable with it again. I sure miss it. But it's a talent that will dull without use. Like muscle, it needs to be flexed and trained. Otherwise it goes soft. I'll post some sketchbook pages when I get around to it.

Otherwise, I leave you with this until next time:

Sculpture for Animated Films!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Yeah, I've been pretty bad about updating this in the new year. I'll try to be better. ;-)

So the new links page is awesome! I'm able to dymanically update my links page on the fly while I surf!! Thank you! I have logged so many great artists and websites of wonder! Please swing by my link cluster and have a gander.

Today A&M Dallas's portfolio class invited me out to show off my goods and to chat about "why the hell anyone would want to get into production?" It's always fun to hear the questions asked like I have some great insite. *laugh* The only thing I could contribute was first-hand-experience. When the students learn that everyone is just making it up as they go, and are not guarding some 'hidden' knowledge that'll make it a straight shot to any profession.
Work is hard. Producing is harder. Promotion is the hardest. And guess what a student is doing right out of school. Not until experience is earned, and a badge of bitterness awarded can someone really graduate to a 'battle hardned production artist". Until then your fodder. ;-)

Now don't let any of that scare you students. It was encouraging to see such advanced work coming out of the school. It shows the students are using the software, and creating content!
Looks like some students are focusing on just executing with Maya, but I can see some budding filmmakers and designers in the ones I looked at. It's encouraging!

In other news, Invasion has undergone a serious storyboarding frenzy. Who knows, I'm expecting to have an animatic in the coming weeks. Got music, will edit them all together when I have time, and will post it on the site.