Thursday, January 24, 2019

Lady GaGa "Enigma"

Enigma, an ethereal character that represents Lady Gaga’s inner persona, was originally created by The Mill for the release of her Art Pop App in 2014. The character now returns, refreshed and transformed in a series of original films that play an integral part in the Las Vegas Residency performance. The persona, a resident of Planet Enigma, was brought to life via real-time visual effects and game engine technology, driven by motion capture which was performed and voiced by Lady Gaga herself.
Not just a recording artist, Lady Gaga often delivers an element of avant-garde performance art to each of her projects, and the Las Vegas residency show is no different. Enigma captures the essence of Gaga, an interactive companion that combines music, art and technology.

I was lucky enough to Direct this project for Eli and Lady GaGa for her residency in Vegas.
The turnaround was incredibly short to generate 8 minutes of full CG performance motion.
It was only made possible by doing the entire production in Unreal Engine.
This was a great project for us to work out the methodology and workflows necessary when interfacing with our CG team.  Love the results... love the hype.  

Chantix "Slow Turkey"

The Mill+ team, led by Creative Director Jeffrey Dates, worked closely with Y&R and CHANTIX team to collaborate on the final character design, while introducing endearing character moments into the script for both narrative and creative effects. The Mill’s VFX team had to create nearly 1000 digital feathers, styling each of them with the natural look and movements of a real-life turkey. 

I Directed this launch campaign for the new Chantix Turkey.  I hope to be seeing much more of him!
If you want a laugh, be sure to search "Chantix Turkey" on twitter.  He's a celebrity!

Mascot: Climate Reality Project

Spearheaded by Al Gore, The Climate Reality Project is a community of people committed to turning awareness into action that can save our planet’s species and natural resources.

The campaign stars a photo-real penguin named ‘Earth’ (voiced by Social Media Influencer Liza Koshy) and follows the character through her run for Congress.

‘Earth’ was brought to life by The Mill, using an innovative new, interactive animation system named Mill Mascot. The award-winning system enabled ‘Earth’ to be digitally puppeteered live on-set using a combination of motion sensors and game engine technology, reducing weeks of animation to a single shoot day.

This little tasty I Directed for our first 'photoreal' animal done with Mascot!  Entirely real-time, feathers via the Nvidia Hairworks system.  Performed by Haley Jenkins, Earth our Mascot penguin was able to deliver a few minutes of dialogue performance.

Live action elements were shot separately and composited into Unreal Engine in real-time.

Really enjoyed this experience.  I love how it turned out, and is for a positive cause.  Win Win.